LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2017 - Page 65

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE I’m on a huge workout kick right now and have been hitting up REVOKE CROSSFIT here in the Heights. I can go anytime on the hour and leave all the business stuff behind while I get my butt kicked. One of my favorite pastimes is going to AUGUST ANTIQUES and see- ing what Ben James Weaver have dug up and brought into Houston. They have one of the best eyes in town and always bring in terrific goods from the northeast … and that’s where all the really old stuff comes from! I love feel-good items. Maybe that’s why I make so many. To me, this means candles, bath salts, bubble baths and high-quality pil- lows and sheets. Ultimately, they make you feel good and nothing is better after a hard day at work than coming home to ultimate comfort. Lighting a candle to wind down in the evening is the very least you can do for yourself. I have a Sunday ritual of getting my car cleaned at KEEP IT CLEAN CARWASH. While I wait, I love to attempt to get caught up on emails. It’s ironically peaceful for me as I have time to myself. 10 . 2017 | L O C A L 65