LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2017 - Page 52

Monday, August 28, online Google form-based system put in place for rescue operations. In a much needed post-rescue/pre-recovery gathering at Axelrad, the growing network of vol- unteer hubs got me in touch with the Director of Supplies for the Cajun Navy and the President of the Cajun Army. I am currently working to get them the supplies they need in order to help various communities over the next 3–6 months. Houstonians ADAM WRIGHT and BRODY CHAPMAN of SpindleTap Brewery and Lightning Logistics have been so kind to receive donations for the Cajun Navy, and for anyone else in need. These folks, along with many other organizations, including The Giving Hub operated by AIMEE WOODALL of The Black Sheep Agency and CARLA VALENCIA of LOCAL Houston Magazine, have helped get donations dispatched all over Houston and surrounding areas. People ™Ι½΄…±°½Ω•Θ)Ρ‘”UL…΅”ΡΌ‘•±ΐ₯ΈΡ‘•Ν”Ι•ΝΥ”…ΉΙ•½Ω•Ι䁕™™½ΙΡΜ°…Ή½ΉΡ₯ΉΥ”ΡΌ½΅”ΡΌQ•α…͕ٕ́Ʌ°)έ••­Μ±…ѕȁѼ‘•±ΐΈ)5䁱₯™”‘…́‰••Έ™½Ι•Ω•Θ‘…Ή•‰δΡ‘₯ΜΈQ‘”±½Ω”™½Θ΅δ₯Ρ䁑…́•αΑ±½‘•°…ΉΡ‘•Ν”Ή•ά)™Ι₯•Ή‘Ν‘₯Άέ₯±°‰”±₯™•±½ΉœΈ$…΄ΝΌΑɽՐΡΌ…±°!½ΥΝΡ½Έ΅δ‘½΅”Έ(ΤΘ)0< 0)π€Δΐ€Έ€ΘΐΔ