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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE There may not be a better one-two punch in the restaurant business than the perfect pair of a great brand with farm-to-table food. Take Dish Society, for example. Actually, make Dish Society your exam- ple. No doubt an HBR case study (Harvard Business Review), or at least it should be, Dish Society uses this one-two combo to bring our city the ideal approach to “flex casual” (counter service by day, table service by night) serving fresh farm-to-table food (relation- ships with “partners not suppliers” have helped “crack the code” to fresh), all in an atmosphere that’s tailored to each location. Owner Aaron Lyons is pretty much living the dream. Aside from being a nice guy, dude took his UT MBA concept to execution and is now scaling it basically as he sees fit. Three locations open now/soon (Katy and Memorial, too) with two opening next year, one in the Heights and one in an all-star location to be soon announced. This month, our manly Perfect Pair takes place at the San Felipe location, built out in the lower level of a residential building, with great green space/patio and a spacious clean/industrial-ish in- terior (and btw – if at first you don’t see a parking spot, try, and try again; it’s worth it). You’re at Dish Society for locally sourced food (as much as possible; salmon, as example, isn’t), a menu that appeals to just about everyone in the city (including your kids), a Morningstar-driven coffee program, craft beer (regular and rotating drafts), interesting wines (cocktails everywhere but San Felipe), ser- vice with a smile and some fun people-watching. But first, Bromosa, bros. A version for the dudes (though we have it on good authority it's easily 50/50 on male/female order tally): Karbach Wiesse Versa Wheat beer mixed with orange and lemon juice for some big-time brunching. Nice slice of orange hangs in the balance for whenever, if ever, you’re ready to eat it. Bromosas are served in a pint glass or by the carafe, depends on how bad/ good last night was. Now, paired with this dish from the original menu, including some guidance from Aaron’s wife, the Shrimp & Grits, combining Gulf shrimp grilled to perfection sitting on smoked gouda grits (which are so rich and creamy), Tabasco ® shallot butter (tasting as awesome as it sounds), topped with bacon crumbles and one cage-free sunny side egg (on the brunch version; all-day option is without the egg but it can be added)! Hot damn!! Though we should say the dish isn’t really spicy at all, just awesome. Might be the creamiest we’ve ever had. And paired with that Bromosa, this is a brunch fit for all men (just going with the theme here; it’s great for anyone over 21!). By Mike Cook Photography by Kennon Evett DISH SOCIETY 5740 San Felipe St. | Houston, TX 77057 832.538.1060 | www.dishsociety.com 10 . 2017 | L O C A L 29