LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2017 - Page 23

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE RONNIE KILLEN KILLEN’S STEAKHOUSE, KILLEN’S BARBECUE, KILLEN’S BURGERS, KILLEN’S STQ EXECUTIVE CHEF Ronnie Killen began cooking at the age of eight, and he’s never looked back. In 1997 Killen enrolled in the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in London, and went on to work at resorts around the world. In 2003, Killen returned to his roots, accepting the post of executive chef at Brenner’s Steakhouse, and in 2006 opened the acclaimed Killen’s Steakhouse in his hometown of Pearland. Since its inception, the restaurant has gained numerous awards and achieved resounding praise. In 2014 Killen opened the much buzzed-about Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland, located in a former school cafeteria and a stone’s throw from the high school in which he graduated. In recent years, in addition to adding two Killen’s Barbecue outposts to NRG Stadium, the restaurateur expanded his culinary empire to Houston proper, where he has opened his fourth restaurant – Killen’s STQ. The menu is inspired by dishes Kil V2FWfVVBB6W'fVBB7VƖ'6WFF2fW"FRV'2आ~( BRV&F6w&FFW"BVB&vRvB2W"6f'BfC6VW6V'W&vW'2vN( 2FRf'7B&V6RRWfW"7FW&VC&gB *2B6VW6RvBvVB&RW"7BVg&VB66V6VBFFW2vFw&gBw&VV&V2vBw&VFVB6RBƗfRvFWBFPF6VBvV6FVB'WGFW"( 2BW2WfW'FrF7FR&WGFW"vBWFV66RBƗfRvFWCfRff&FRff&F&RvS6W2FR6W&VRff&FR6Rf"FW76W'CV6ग2FW&RfBRv( BVC&v0vBFR6VR2FRWBfBG&VC67VfBBRvBFRVWBF6W'fPG&֖wVW7G36VBFVFג&W7FW&G2vBvVBVR&R7W'&6VBFfBW R&Vg&vW&F#7FV6V6Rग2FW&R'F7V"fBFB2VFW&&V6FVCBvBvVBRFFVG2&WWFF6R6VBFF( 2FV6VRrFRFV$tBFw&'&W&ǒ&#r2#0