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DINE WRITE RYAN LACHAINE GOES TO HIS ROOTS Riel's Multicultural Menu Shines By Janice Schindeler | Photography by Sarah Miller 9.16.2017 3:16pm Hangar Steak THOUGH HE HAS BEEN AROUND TOWN FOR A DECADE OR SO, COOKING AT GRAVITAS, REEF AND UNDERBELLY, RYAN LACHAINE REACHED BACK TO HIS CANADIAN ROOTS (AND HISTORY BOOKS) WHEN CHOOSING A NAME FOR HIS 10-MONTH-OLD RESTAURANT. He settled on Riel, after a 19th-century Canadian politician, Louis David Riel, who, according to wikipedia, is increasingly celebrated as a proponent of multiculturalism and considered the founder of the province of Manitoba and leader of the Metis or people of the prairie, whose cultural roots are the results of the merging of Aboriginal inhabitants and fur-trading European rascals. 18 L O C A L | 10 . 2017 Reading the menu, one sees the influences and blending of the cultures and food traditions that Lachain Hݙ\Έ\ZܘZ[X[\]YK\[HYHݚ[HوX[]ؘH[\YYXH]KZHHY\[]Y\H]X\[Y\Y[8&\\ \[[›Y[H][KHZXK[\[\XZˈ8'H]H\H^HHYKBZHX][H[H[YK܈HY[HH\[\Y[H\H] 8'