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FOOD THE BIG CHEESE LA VAQUITA® BRINGS INSTANTLY AUTHENTIC FLAVORS TO HOUSTON You’re a Houstonian. You love Tex-Mex (and Mex-Mex). So you’re probably familiar with queso fresco, a fresh Mexican crumbling cheese with a bright, milky and mild flavor. Its smooth, mild taste allows for more creativity and versatility in the kitchen – making it the perfect complement to both traditional Mexican dishes and everyday recipes. But what you may not know is that there is an authentic queso fresco made right here in Houston: La Vaquita. Founded in 1971, the cheese brand draws on the traditions of generations of Mexican homestead cheesemakers to produce a variety of quesos and cremas that make any meal instantly authentic. Looking to discover new foodie possibilities? Elevate your culinary experience by adding La Vaquita queso fresco in place of another crumbling cheese to your favorite recipes. If you’ve tried feta or goat cheese, you’ll love the mild taste of La Vaquita queso fresco. In addition to queso fresco, La Vaquita also offers queso fresco salvadoreño (a sharper version), Oaxaca (melty, salty, buttery), cotija (aged and bold) and panela (smooth, semi-soft, doesn’t melt). La Vaquita products can be found at H-E-B, Fiesta, Walmart, Kroger and other local grocers. Need recipe ideas? Just visit www.LaVaquitaCheese.com and savor the possibilities. Photography provided by La Vaquita 16 L O C A L | 10 . 2017