LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2016 - Page 56

THEY’RE A TEAM JEFF AND MARISSA ALLEN TACKLE H-TOWN By Tim Moloney | Photography by Priscilla Dickson Texan offensive lineman JEFF ALLEN, nicknamed “Chef Jeff,” loves to eat. And his wife, MARISSA, has a popular food blog, “First and Full.” So, it only made sense we’d meet at a restaurant – one of their favorite ones – Steak48 in the new River Oaks District. Jeff and Marissa, college sweethearts at the University of Illinois, are the parents to daughter Joy; on January 7, Marissa is due to give birth to son Jeff Junior. After recently signing a four-year contract with the Texans, they’re now calling Houston home. “We love it here,” says Jeff. “It’s got a lot more than Kansas City (their last home.) More humidity, more traffic and more great restaurants,” he laughs. And the Texans are off to a great start: 2–0 as of press time. “It’s a really good team and group of people. We’re extremely happy to be here,” he adds. Jeff was drafted 44th overall in 2012 by the Kansas City Chiefs, and has been a starter on the offensive line in every game that he has played. While in Kansas City, he became one of the team’s community ambassadors and captains. Jeff was an underrated recruit from Chicago, but earned All-Big Ten Honors on the field and in the classroom at the University of Illinois. His passions include cooking, photography and fashion. You can find Jeff at Steak48 several times a week (the Texans have team meals there as well), or at Eddie V’s or Crave Cupcakes. In Kansas City, he and Marissa were both known as the “Team Chefs,” so we look forward to see what they cook up in Houston. 56 L O C A L | october 16