LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2016 - Page 42

ALWAYS WELCOME A HOUSTON LEGEND HAS NO TIME TO SLOW DOWN By Victoria Bartlett | Photography by Jenn Duncan POP QUIZ. Who was a member of the “The Pride” at the University of Houston back in the ‘40s? Which Texan talked with John and Jacqueline Kennedy the night before the assassination in 1963? Who appeared with LBJ on the front page of the Houston Post at the opening of the Astrodome in 1966? Which local icon is a member of the Texas Business Hall of Fame? The answer is just one man – WELCOME WILSON, SR. This proud Cougar once said that the three passions of his life were his family, his country and the University of Houston. Very true, but still it doesn’t convey the depth and breadth of his contributions to Houston. And this 89year-old continues to improve our world. LOCAL: With so many accomplishments throughout your life, you could be resting on your laurels, so to speak, or polishing up your autobiography. Yet, here you are, still working passionately for the University of Houston and the city of Houston. Why? WELCOME WILSON, SR.: I am still working because I feel like I can still make a contribution and get things done. It is easier for me now that I am 89 than it was when I was in my 50s. Two-thirds of my time is spent on business and civic matters and one-third is spent on the University of Houston. I sit on many boards. This morning, I got the Houston Realty Business Coalition to endorse a trustee for the Houston Independent School District and to oppose the Robin Hood payment of $162 million to the State of Texas. At the University of Houston, I am Chairman of the UH Political Action Committee, and I am on the task force to create a new campus in Katy. My point is, there’s still a lot to do. LOCAL: The University of Houston receiving Tier One status is one of your latest achievements. What does that do for the university? What does it do for the city at large? WILSON: Tier One status for the University of Houston floats all boats. There are now eight applicants for every slot in th H\X[\]R H]\YHUܙ\܈[\[™\Y[]HۙH\[ܙH[ L [ˈH\و][ۘ[XY[^HوY[BY[X\وHX[HوR\XY HܘYX][ۈ]H[^YX\\[\ݙYBL K[X[ۘ][ۜR]HXY MZ[[ۈHYX\H[[[ق^[]\\ۈ\X\]HXY MLZ[[ۈHYX\H\[\[][]H\›Y\H[XYY]H[]\]Hو\ۋ Hؙ\ MS[[H\HHRY[8$[HHۛ[H\Hܙ]\HY\8$[HY\\[܈HZ[HY\]H\Hܝ[\]܈H[]\]Hو\ۋX\KSӎ^H[\]]Y\\[܈HY\]\\ۈ[\\ YX\Y\\ΈH]H L L Y[ وX\H]\[\HRK\HY[\H\X[H\HX\YY [^H\H[ۜ[Y\ˈ]]\[\\[\\[HYY\[\]YY ^K^H[\]X]R[H\ΈH[]\]Hو\ۈ\HY\ۙB[]][ۈ] Y[ˈ]X\\\HXܛH\ H[\[]\ܘ[H[HYHو\[\\\ۙH[H][ۋH[]\]Hو\ۂܝ\[[]H\YX\\Y\ۙH[Hܛ ܈HXۙ[YJKBܙX]]Hܚ][ܘ[H\\[H][ۋR\HۛH[[Y\[[Hܛ]\HYܙYH[ٙܙH[[Y\[˂S\ۈ[ۈHH\X[\و]]\\ LH^YX\[Hۛ\]H[YH[] ]YH\][[؝[\X\[[HZHH\]܏•SӎH[ZHH\]܈H[\XKY]\HH[ X[ۙH]K][HBN\\۝ۈ[[Y\XKH[ZH[HۈHYH]YH]H\ۂ\[[ H[[ZH[HYHHXYۚYX[Y\[\[XH[ܝ[]\ [YH[ۋ܋[]\]Hو\ۈ\و8&MHܘYX]H[\ Y[\][ۂ\ۚX[H[Z[H^[H][[\][ۋ\Z\X[وH\ق[YHܛ\ HX[\]H][Y[\[K