LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2016 - Page 4

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR L et me tell you a story, because that’s my job as the new editor-in-chief of LOCAL Houston magazine. One day, about 15 years ago, a curious young-ish man, co-owner of an interactive design agency, walked into his next-door neighbor’s office (a magazine), unannounced, and asked if he could write an article for them. To his surprise, they gave him an assignment. And another one. And hundreds more over the years, as they went in and out of each other’s lives. And then two months ago, that magazine called, and they wanted him to consider becoming the editor as they transitioned into a new structure. That guy was me, and that magazine was LOCAL Houston. Photography by Cody Bess It made me think about coincidences. What was the likelihood I’d open an office next to a magazine? What were the chances they’d take a risk on me? And I’m not really known for barging in…why did I do so? I’m starting to believe there are no coincidences, because this new role is something that is, while not effortless in the least, tailor-made for me and the LOCAL crew. It’s a rare honor to work with a group of people who truly like each other and move forward always as a team. Not coincidence. A beautiful fate. I could go on and on about all the subsequent mind-melds that have happened recently, but let’s get on with the Men’s Issue. I’m really proud of this month’s book. You’ll meet new faces, learn more about legends and discover a diversity of humility, talent and ambition that exists among the men of this city. Listen, the men only get one dedicated issue each year around here, so we were charged with making it the best it can be. I think we succeeded. One last thing…I’m thrilled to announce that the iconic food writer, editor, chef, quilter and all-around-great person and friend JANICE SCHINDELER has returned to the food-writing fold. I called her up right after I started, and it was right when she decided she was ready to get back in the game. Coincidence? I think not. My boundless thanks to Alex, Carla, German, Victoria, Ida, Marzi and our writers and photographers for making this a great October issue. Tim Moloney editor-in-chief BEHIND THE COVER ON A HOT TUESDAY AFTERNOON IN EARLY SEPTEMBER, PHOTOGRAPHER CODY BESS SET UP A LADDER AND GOT READY TO PHOTOGRAPH OUR COVER SUBJECTS. THE OWNERS OF HEALING WATERS FLOATING SPA WERE OPEN TO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF TIM MOLONEY’S CONCEPT OF FLOATING IN A POOL. ON THIS HOT AFTERNOON, WE CAN’T ARGUE THAT IT WASN’T A GREAT IDEA. THANK YOU TO STUART ROSENBERG AT STUDIO COMMUNICATIONS FOR COORDINATING THE AVAILABILITY OF THE ROOF-TOP POOL AT THE HOTEL SORELLA WHICH LUCKILY HAPPENED TO BE IN SHADE. READ ABOUT OUR COVER SUBJECTS ON PAGE 54. 4 L O C A L | october 16