LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2016 - Page 30

MUSEUM DISTRICT HIGHLIGHTS THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE HOLOCAUST MUSEUM HOUSTON Helen Levitt: In the Street 1001 Bissonnet | 713.639.7300 | www.mfah.org Bill of Rights: Amending America 5555 Hermann Park Dr. | 713.639.4629 www.hmns.org Hélène Berr, A Stolen Life 5401 Caroline St. | 713.942.8000 | www.hmh.org This is an exhibition featuring more than forty works by the renowned photographer Helen Levitt. Recording the theater of New York City streets, the exhibition includes black-and-white and color photographs spanning the artist’s career from the late 1930s to the mid-1980s as well as a short film by Levitt from the 1940s. Helen Levitt: In the Street will be on view until January 2, 2017. Helen Levitt, New York, 1939, gelatin silver print, Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia, gift of Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Levitt. © Film Documents LLC 30 L O C A L | october 16 This exhibit commemorates the 225th anniversary of the ratification of this revolutionary document, spotlighting one of the most remarkable periods in American history, exploring the origins of the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution (known as the Bill of Rights) and illustrating how each amendment protects U.S. citizens. Featuring replicated documents, reproduction artifacts and interactives from the National Archives, visitors connect directly with the people, places and events that mark this historic document’s evolution. From H\ۘ[\[ܚ][H0[0B\\^X][HܞHوH[[’]\[X[HY]\B\]ܝHHXHݙ\Y[8&\›][H^H^\Z[][ۈ[B\]]H\\Y\\[\\X[\][ۋ؜\[\Z[H^\Y[\وH[X\XK[][]Y[H[\Z\[[\\\[\ܝ][ۈ]\][NM HYY[\[[[^\˜YܙHHX\][ۈوH[\[ NM K0[0H\&\ٙXX[ܝZ]  NM Hp[[ܚX[HHZ8$ X\Y]H؂