LOCAL Houston | The City Guide October 2016 - Page 16

FOOD WHISKEY WITH A TWIST Flavored whiskey? Though disdained by purists, it’s a growing market – and here in Houston, Yellow Rose Distilling’s new Caliber Company Spirits has launched a range of products that combines all-American whiskey and natural flavors for a unique group of beverages tailor-made for the millennial generation. And it’s all distilled right on North Post Oak Road. “The idea was born last year after we saw an opportunity to create something completely different from what we currently produce. We received a lot of requests for honey whiskey, and with the explosion of flavored whiskeys, thought this could be a very interesting RYAN BAIRD, Caliber Company Spirits President. After a recent opportunity arose to hire JEFF WEED, the former Master Distiller for Deep Eddy Vodka brand,” says The group is banking on the theory that millennials, the darlings of every marketer, are looking for entry-level whiskeys that are less pretentious and easy to drink. With that in mind, Caliber is launching four distinct flavors that are excellent for sipping, easy to use in cocktails and are perfect for a favorite shot. • CLASSIC: Sweeter whiskey with tastes of vanilla bean, honey and oak • HONEY: Infused with all natural flavors; notes of honey and maple syrup • APPLE CINNAMON: Infused with natural Fuji apple flavor and cinnamon; loaded with flavor, and packs a spicy punch • DARK CHERRY: Infused with natural cherry and chocolate flavors “Texas whiskey the way it was meant to be – Bold, a little bit wild, and with a whole lot of character” is Caliber’s tagline. I’ll drink to that. Distillery, the team knew they had something special. “We have great respect for the Deep Eddy crew and knew Jeff would be perfect for the job as Master Blender on this new project.” By Tim Moloney Photography courtesy of Yellow Rose Distilling 16 L O C A L | october 16 www.yellowrosedistilling.com