LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2017 - Page 65

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE FOUNDATION ROOM | We love live music, especially when it’s in an intimate setting. The Foundation Room, with its glamorous decor, cozy velvet chairs and perfectly poured cocktails, is a hidden gem. The musi- cians that perform there are oftentimes local artists and everyone is so talented. We love to go there to unwind with our husbands and friends, especially before or after a concert at the House of Blues. The chill vibe makes it the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. an old cultural Chinese bank, has the most exquisite dumplings. Our favorite hotel is the Mandarin Hotel; their high tea is a must. The shop- ping in Hong Kong is top-notch and there are always new destinations popping up. Most recently, we hear The Lady’s Market in Kowloon, off the beaten path, in a tucked away apartment, has some of the best kept secret designer vintage. HAUTE PROTECTION | Our number-one style tip is to always keep your skin healthy and protected! While we aren’t der- matologists, we swear by Haute Protection Tinted Compact D’ore SPF 50. We love being active outdoors – hiking, ski- ing, swimming, doing yoga, playing on the beach with our daughters. This sunblock stays on and allows us to enjoy these activities without fear of getting dark spots, wrinkles or skin cancer. We lite rally don’t leave home without applying it first. PARK AVENUE ATELIER | Flowers make us happy – especially when they are designed by the insanely chic Lucia Joklova! A local Houstonian, Lucia’s vision is perfection; she is truly an artist using flowers as her medium. We look forward to our weekly deliveries and always send her magnificent arrangements as gifts. Lucia’s exquisite indoor-/out- door-scapes are the perfect go-to for your home this holiday season. 11 . 2017 | L O C A L 65