LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2017 - Page 47

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE WHERE TO SHOP Illustration by Christy Sanderson HOUSTON IS A SHOPPER’S PARA- DISE, ESPECIALLY ON THE HIGH END. Visitors travel to the Bayou City from all over the world to explore luxury department stores, inde- pendent specialty stores and famous international boutiques from the biggest names in fashion. Lux- ury shopping destinations are mostly found within or right outside Loop 610. Start at THE GALLERIA , Ground Zero for conspicuous consumptio BPF62fgFfVVRV&7W26BW&VB6VwV66V2gVGFFRvV'7FW"B&RधW7BWFRvW7B^( fBUDt$WW&V7GRvƶ&R6rBFrfvPvFRw&v&WFVW2v&6V7FVW"V6BFG&vW"ƖvW&RFVW6FP&fW"22FR$dU"24r4TDU"W7F( 2FW7BbG2BN( 2VFW7G&g&VFǐFWfVVBFB6VFW2&W7FW&G2ƖRW&60Bw&vƖFWVFVB&WFW'2ƖR66FRЧfG&V&VGFvV"B7B6VBBFW2ƖR7W"F&R7FVvvW'BFPvG&fV&6Fv&BFRvW&vW7FVW B^( BtBdtR( 2vFF&ЦvRvƖ26&W7F&F&Gv&R&&WV&Ɩ2V( 2B$7W6fWr&R&60vW7B2$dU"2D5E$5BW7F( 2WvW7@Bf6W7B6r6VBvF6'FW"F"''v7F&"&66&BFGVRWG&BFf&B#r2C