LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2017 - Page 41

1. Jennifer May Reiland: 13 Arenas Guerrero Projects | Through November 11 Our top gallery pick this month, native Houstonian (and current NYC resident) Jennifer May Reiland has knocked it out of the park with this jam-packed, ornery new body of work. Expect a cast of characters, including Princess Di appearing multiple times in various recognizable outfits, circling a bull ring, working out society‘s various ills with knife-edged humor and a (tasteful) bit of gore. Warning: These are not your grandma‘s watercolors. www.GuerreroProjects.com 2. Trenton Doyle Hancock: TEXAS: 1997–2017 The Gallery Formerly Known As Rice Gallery | Through November 17 After Art League Houston was flooded during Harvey, Rice University went all deux ex machi- na on everyone and stepped in to host the Art League‘s brilliant fall show, a celebration of 20 years of Trenton Doyle Hancock‘s work. The result, in the beautiful, glass-fronted diorama space that used to be Rice Gallery, is an elegant installation of painted wall text and framed works that pays homage to the space‘s history as a place for installation art. This tight selec- tion of Hancocks massive oeuvre, featuring drawings, prints, sketchbooks and sculptures, doesn‘t disappoint. Not to be missed. www.ricegallery.org 3. re/thinking photography: Conceptual Photography from Texas FotoFest | October 20 –November 25 Houston Center for Photography | October 27 - December 3 Featuring more than 15 Texas - based photographers, re/thinking photography is a bien- nial exhibition organized by FotoFest and the Houston Center for Photography. Spread out between the two venues, the show includes Houston standbys like the artistic duo MANUAL [Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill], along with fresh out-of-town faces like Austin photographe r Bucky Miller. Centered around the re-framing (no pun intended!) of photography, the pieces in the show promise to provide new ways to consider the static image. www.home.fotofest.org www.hcponline.org 4. Tensile Strength The Silos on Sawyer | October 21–December 2 Sculpture Month Houston is back with their second round of artists installing works in the city‘s now-defunct Success Rice grain silos. Still very much a rough and nontraditional space, the building‘s soaring towers make artists‘ installations take on a whole new feel – last year's show saw Sharon Kopriva‘s crypt-like still lifes adjacent to the flowing floral won- derland of Janice Freeman. In a space where artists have the option to completely transform their surroundings, anything is possible. www.sitegalleryhouston.com 5. Mickalene Thomas: Waiting on a Prime-Time Star Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University | Through January 13, 2018 Also at Rice, the Moody Center for the Arts is hosting a blockbuster exhibition of paintings, photographs, collages and prints by Brooklyn artist Mickalene Thomas. Using glitter, rhine- stones and out-of-date patterns, Thomas‘ portraits intend to break down assumptions about women (particularly Black women) in our society. It‘s a fearless show, the highlight of which is a tableau1970s-style living room that Thomas has constructed using vintage fabric. Don‘t miss the video of her mother that‘s playing on the TV. www.moody.rice.edu 11 . 2017 | L O C A L 41