LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2017 - Page 35

IF YOU’VE EVER ASKED THE QUESTION, THIS IS THE ANSWER TO “WHERE DO FASHIONABLE PEOPLE DRINK WHEN NOT IN A CLUB?” AS WE SIT HERE IN A MAJOR DEPARTMENT STORE IN THE GALLERIA, DRINKING CRAFT COCKTAILS AND WATCHING OTHERS ENJOY THE SAME, SPLITS OF CHAMPAGNE OR ESPRES- SO, PEOPLE KEEP STOPPING BY. BY WHERE? BY BAR 12, PART OF THE 51FIFTEEN CUISINE AND COCKTAIL PROGRAM IN SAKS FIFTH AVENUE AT THE GALLERIA. Beyond suitably fashionable for our Fashion Issue, Bar 12 sits on the first floor of Saks, looking 100 emoji like it belongs in the high- end shopping mecca. Situated at the base of the dramatically huge staircase with marble steps and leather handrails curving between the first and second floors, Bar 12 is beautifully adorned in black and brass. Quite the design, nestled right there by beauty, Kiehl’s and the men‘s collections, with the towering, curved shelf full of spirits and the blacked-out oval shaped bar with plenty of seating. This is a wonder- ful idea, and many shoppers seem to feel the same way. If you were to time lapse this place over a normal shopping day, it would seem like an NY Fashion Week runway meets The Galleria. People seem to stop by all day long, duct tape wallet to Birkin bag, and there are TVs and tables if you need some respite from burning up your credit card or burning off your inheritance. It’s also a great place for happy hour, people watching or simply enjoying some high-quality bar cuisine and cocktails. These guys (Landmark Houston Hospitality Group) run Hearsay downtown so they know how to do service, food and drink, right. Speaking of cocktails, you’re going to try the Lavender Peach Belli- ni/Martini. Crafted with Enchanted Rock Peach Vodka, peach and lavender honey and champagne, you really can’t go wrong with this one. And in honor of, we assume, The Professional Shopper, the Bar 12 martini shows who‘s boss with Stoli Elite Vodka and blue cheese olives, dirty or strong! And the food, it’s legit. The Galleria has eating options; Few, if any, touch Bar 12 for a quick high-end bite. Why doesn’t every good department store have one of these? I guess the expense of a liquor license, but we’re really at a loss as to why these aren’t more prevalent. Get a local operator, tried and true, to come in and operate a cush cocktail bar right in the middle of your store. For now, we’ll just all have to enjoy Bar 12. BAR 12 @ SAKS FIFTH AVENUE IN THE GALLERIA (FIRST FLOOR) 5175 Westheimer Road .| Houston, TX 77056 713.963.8067 | www.51fifteen.com/about-51fifteen/bar-12/ Monday–Wednesday: 11am–9pm Thursday–Saturday: 11am–10pm Sunday: 11am–7pm Happy Hour: 3–6:30pm By Mike Cook | Photography provided by Bar 12 11 . 2017 | L O C A L 35