LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2017 - Page 33

There may be no more fashionable business lunch than Treebeards on Market Square in Downtown. Since 1978, Treebeards has been serving Cajun classics at lunch to Downtown's finest from the north end and they now have five locations to help spread the love. Business. Lunch. You. Guys. Get selected for jury duty? Lucky you, the Cloister location is the go-to for judges, jurors, attorneys and everyone in between for years. It’s also set in a church, which is pretty divine actually. The 1100 Louisiana spot is cafeteria-style, and the line to eat is huge, too. It‘s worth it. The other two spots are for quick picks, serving to-go out of the The Shops at Houston Center and Pennzoil Place. But Market Square, that’s where it’s at. Known as the Baker-Travis Building, built around 1861, the Market Square location is in the second-oldest building in Houston. It looks straight outta New Orleans, too. Walk in and queue up along the exposed brick wall, get your drinks (yes, there is beer), tray and silverware, order over the glass and check out, it‘s that easy. No need to fuss with table service for great food. Then, it‘s out front on the upper balcony or lower sidewalk seating for those great Houston fall days. If outside isn‘t your thing, there is a ton of seating inside. We’d say bring your whole office, but most already do. Upstairs doubles as an event space, with TV and some couches even, so if downstairs is full, don’t hesitate to try up – usually plenty of extra space. This month's Perfect Pair, which we’ve eaten so many times (get it on the rookie plate with the daily special such as chicken and dumplings) is always in fashion. Red beans and rice, while a sta- ple, is just the perfect lunch. Traditional red beans, rice, gravy and link sausage, Treebeards also offers the dish with an added twist, which we absolutely recommend: cheese and green onions. An addition that differentiates the dish from its Louisiana roots. We understand the “cheese and onions” tradition began in the early days of Treebeards; thank your lucky stars it hasn’t stopped. We already mentioned getting the red beans and rice on the rookie plate (two small orders combined) but how else do you make this lunch lagniappe? Well, grab some bread and butter and pair it all with an ice cold glass of Treebeards’ iced tea. Fresh brewed Lou- isiana-based Community tea over pebble ice, and red beans and rice – you can tell this is a favorite for many customers. Us included. TREEBEARDS 315 travis St. | Houston, TX 77002 713.228.2622 | www.treebeards.com Hours: Mon-Fri 11am - 2:30pm By Mike Cook | Photography by Kennon Evett 11 . 2017 | L O C A L 33