LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2016 - Page 54

DESIGN FOR LIVING DIANE IZZEDIN IS CUT FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH By Tim Moloney | Photography by Cody Bess Local designer DIANE IZZEDIN is constantly on the move. Born in Belgium, she met her husband in Ibiza in 1987 and has called Houston home (a part-time home) ever since. “Usually people go to Ibiza and break up. I think we’re the only couple who met in Ibiza in the 80s who are still married,” she laughs. “There may be others.” Today, they split their time between Ibiza (summers) and Houston (home base) with outposts in Dallas (the headquarters of their restaurant business, Texas de Brazil, and Miami (and why not?). “When we expanded the restaurants to Florida, it just became logical that we have a place there,” she explains. Oh, and she travels a lot, too. “I raised both my kids here in Houston, and now the youngest is at college in Boston, so I’m free as a bird,” says Izzedin. “Now my designs are kind of my kids.” Pretty much everything she creates is custom, using leather, alligator and other exotic materials, plus mink and other furs. Pieces range from fringed metallic fanny packs to leather-anddenim jeans to fur shrugs and alligator biker jackets. “I don’t think anyone does alligator jackets like I do,” says Izzedin. Everything has an edgy, rock-and-roll vibe, and every piece is something you can see her wearing herself. “I’m not very socially out there, and I don’t do a lot of entertaining, so I’m kind of a homebody when I’m not traveling. That’s why the house sort of reflects who I am,” she says of the Moorish/Moroccan meets 80’s disco meets Ligne Roset sectionals meets Costa Rican rainforest vibe. “I did it myself.” With no plans to expand to a larger business enterprise, Izzedin says, “I’m happy where I am. I’m enjoying myself. I don’t need the stress. I’m peace and love and rock and roll and champagne.” 54 L O C A L | november 16