LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2016 - Page 52

LIFE OF THE PARTY MILTON TOWNSEND IS ALWAYS IN STYLE By Tim Moloney | Photography by Max Burkhalter MILTON TOWNSEND, the always-original Jackson & Company executive, loves a good party, especially if he’s a guest. Well-known as a sartorial dandy, Milton chooses his clothes “to be the best dressed person in the room,” he says. “Otherwise, why bother going?” he laughs in his booming voice. Let’s learn more about one of Houston’s favorite party people. What brought you to Houston? My mom, a doctor and a couple of nurses. I was born here. You’re known for your style. How would you describe it? It has evolved over the years. “Dandy” suits me. Who are your favorite designers and why? Carolina Herrera for fit. Vivienne Westwood for fun. (He’s wearing Vivienne Westwood pants in this photo.) Where do you shop? I like to say I shop resale, but then I’ll pair that $30 jacket I picked up with a pair of pants that cost as much as a first-class roundtrip ticket to Europe. I shop all over the place. What is your favorite piece you own? Ugh, that’s difficult, way difficult, but if I had to, my vintage Rolex. (Newest piece.) What fashion mistakes have you made, if any? Colored camouflage cargo shorts. Anything on your shopping list now? A vintage Jaguar XK120. It might look great on me. The best advice you’ve been given/the best advice you give. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. 52 L O C A L | november 16