LOCAL Houston | The City Guide November 2016 - Page 38

TO DYE FOR THE COLORFUL WORLD OF COSTUMER LISA SACARIS By Jason Korfhage | Photography by Joseph West Costumer LISA SACARIS’ story begins like many lifelong obsessions: with a moment…an instant of awe and recognition that this was something she wanted to be a part of, one way or another, for life. “I remember the first time, just having this piece of white cloth and putting it in the dye bath, and I pulled it back out and it was blue. It was like the best kind of magic, drugs, euphoria. I was like, that…is…it.” From that moment, her love affair with dyeing began. Part artist and part mad scientist, Sacaris is a two-headed materials maestro, capable of turning her clients’ visions into reality by conducting an orchestra of costuming and coloring skillsets to create a masterpiece. Consider, for a minute, the tale of two identical pieces of white fabric. One, destined for a life as a shimmery blue gown, sparkling and impressing as a perfectly maintained centerpiece, befitting of a Snow Queen. The other, purposely drab – a weathered and rustic brown, indicative of the blue collar owner of the century-old period in which he resides. It is this versatility that has earned her the respect of the art and theatre community. Gliding effortlessly among roles as an innovator, creator, collaborator and teacher, Sacaris has earned an impressive reputation as a premier costumer for some of the biggest names and productions in town, including such familiar clients as Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet, and production favorites such as The Nutcracker, Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, Peter Pan and The Lion King. As the owner of such an impressive portfolio, it is easy to cast reverence in her direction, but Sacaris is quick to deflect praise, emphasizing the criticality of collaboration to the success of each project. In her words, she is merely a “cog in the wheel,” fortunate enough to be a part of a team working together toward a larger purpose. It is from the roots of this selfless mindset that an expansive family tree of costumers has grown, and is the reason that bestowing her passion and knowledge upon others has been the most rewarding of all her accomplishments. “Teaching someone is a gift. It’s a gift where you, as the teacher, are constantly humbled by what your students produce. It’s the most humbling experience. You see where somebody can take an idea you just started…it’s just a little seed…and then you see what your students do with it. It’s just amazing.” 38 L O C A L | november 16