LOCAL Houston | The City Guide May 2016 - Page 52

WHERE ARE CONRAD ANKER+CHARLES F. PASSEL THEY NOW LOCAL has been publishing for over 18 years and we have the archives to show it. With this column we continue to reach back into our old issues to see “Where are they now?” MAY 2016 Photography by Ricardo Merendoni Photography Courtesy of Conrad Anker MARCH 2001 VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 27 | MARCH 2001 Conrad Anker & Charles F. Passel | Explorers, Climbers & Curators 15 years ago CONRAD ANKER and his story on how he, CHARLES F. PASSEL and Harry Agger recreated Sir Ernest Shackleton‘s Antarctic adventure was featured on the cover of 002magazine. Learning a deep appreciation for outdoors from his California childhood, Anker, now 53, has become a professional rock climber, author and mountaineer. As captain of the The North Face Athlete Team, 12 excursions later, finding George Mallory’s remains and climbing Everest 3 times, Anker is completely happy with his decision to sell his company to climb the world. 52 L O C A L | may 16 At the age of 25 Charles F. Passel journeyed the Pole where he then spent two years with the United Antarctic Service. Born in Indianapolis on April 9, 1915, Passel was a major participant in Richard E. Byrd’s 1939 expedition and then served in the U.S. Marine Corps, teaching at various universities after the war. Passel used his expedition diary along with his lifelong interest in Antarctica to write An Antarctic Journal, which was revised and printed in 1995 as Ice. Charles F. Passel died in December 2002 at the age of 87.