LOCAL Houston | The City Guide May 2016 - Page 38

GISH AT THE MOVIES Photography by Cody Bess A SMACKDOWN OF THE “SHADOWY ART” Cindi Rose WANT TO SEE MORE ART FILMS? Only in Texas, the land of dueling cowboys and Indians, could this happen: Two silhouette artists held an “Off with Your Head!” speed-cutting contest in Houston and one of them happens to be our very own CINDI HARWOOD ROSE, a longtime native Houstonian. surgery scissors (the only kind used by silhouettists), it’s also a loving stroll down history lane through the eyes of Burns, exploring the early days of silhouettes as well as those who have made careers out of the art over the years. Although it was started by Frenchman AUGUSTE She and Englishman CHARLES BURNS held a “cut-off” to create the most heads in an hour because Cindi currently holds the world’s record – a whopping 144, done while she was pregnant with daughter Erica. Fittingly, Erica was again with her mom whilst cutting – she was the emcee of the competition – one that ended with a promise for a rematch because of a problem with the counting system. Also fittingly, the evening was a benefit for the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, named for Cindi’s sister Holly Harwood Skolkin, who died of breast cancer. EDOUARD (1789–1861) who coined the term “silhou- “Silhouette Secrets” (www.facebook.com/silhouettesecrets) is a new documentary which is currently being shown around the world and is a winner of numerous awards, including Best Documentary at the Next International Film Festival (www.niffhouston.org) and a REMI Award from WorldFest–Houston (www.worldfest.org). Both artists have a stake in the film: Charl \