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PERFECT PAIRS We are sure this Perfect Pair is not in the top 10 reasons you are going to PESKA, you know, the hottest seafood and culture spot in town. But maybe it should be. Not to bump any of the awesome things PESKA does on a regular basis down the list, we’re just hoping to add one you may not have even considered. A quick update on PESKA before we get into the carajillo. Chef Omar (Pereney) is still a wizard producing wild and wonderful, and sometimes as plain as it should be, food. Seemingly, he and the rest of the PESKA crew can do no wrong as from all accounts, the constantly changing fish market (if you have not been, PESKA is market style with the day’s fish set out on ice near the entry ready to be prepared with minimal treatment and traditional flavors and techniques from around the globe) and top-notch service continue to keep the crowds enthralled. For our pairing, we’ll start by mentioning that as far as we know (and we do not claim to know much of anything) this is the only CARAJILLO in town. Which is a shame, but we kinda understand. Maybe it’s because we don’t know any coffee shops that have a liquor license to even be able to make the drink, which is, getting to the details, f-ing tasty. Likely the best vanilla latte you have never had. And there isn’t even milk in this thing! But there is instead a bonus, and it’s liqueur. The top layer of foam is simply shaken coffee/liqueur goodness! Anyway, the details. The PESKA version of the carajillo (which is a wildly popular Spanish cocktail) is a pulled double shot of Illy espresso shaken with Licor 43, poured over ice in a rocks glass. And it’s glorious. This might actually be the world’s greatest brunch beverage. As noted, there are other versions out there (and this is not to degrade any of them) but the use of Licor 43, the Spanish liqueur with 43 (!) ingredients, brings sweetness, citrus and vanilla notes to the espresso base, which are highly complementary. Pair it with PESKA’s housemade doughnuts and ice cream, with your brunch, as an after dinner drink (liqueurs are digestifs, you know) or just drink it alone, but know this, the real pair here is combining the espresso and the Licor 43...enjoy. By Mike Cook Photography by Kennon Evett DOUGHNUTS + CARAJILLO PESKA Seafood Culture | 1700 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 190 | Houston, TX 77056 | 713.961.9229 | www.peska.us | peska@peska.us 22 L O C A L | may 16