LOCAL Houston | The City Guide MAY 2015 - Page 70

Local May_Final.qxp_002houston 4/23/15 12:21 PM Page 70 TOOLS+GADGETS SHADYFACE SUN BLOCKER Summer is almost here which means lounging in the sun. But reading your portable electronic devices can be tricky with the glare. If you like to use your devices while lying by the pool or beach, then you should check out ShadyFace. It’s a portable, flat folding sun shade with a swivel canvas canopy for self-adjusting shade to the upper torso or full body. ShadyFace can be applied on any lounge recliner or at the beach or backyard. The company claims it is SPF 50+ to protect you from some of the sun’s harmful rays. It can also secure your lotions, keys and whatever you wish to store in its handy canvas pockets. The canvas backpack for lightweight transport makes it easy for travel. $98 www.shadyface.com Michael Garfield is known as “The High-Tech Texan®.” His radio program airs on KPRC and iHeartRadio every Saturday 11am–1pm. See the full review of these products at www.hightechtexan.com and follow him at @hightechtexan. QUICKLOCK PADLOCK I have a tough time remembering the combination on padlocks and my kids are just as forgetful. It’s about time someone created a high-tech padlock, and the Quicklock is a pretty cool device that works well. The Quicklock Padlock is a Bluetooth and RFID-enabled smart padlock. It opens through a smartphone app or, if you don’t have your phone on you, by simply waving a RFID-enabled tag, ring, bracelet, fob or card. No more fumbling for keys or wracking your brain to remember combinations. The app (iOS or Android) can even keep track of who has opened your padlock and when. No phone? No problem. Stick an NFC label on your wallet or slap an NFC-enabled bracelet on your kid’s wrist. A simple wave gives quick access to your stuff to anyone you want – and keeps out the rest. $50 www.thequicklock.com SKYLINK HOME ALARM KIT Installing a home alarm by yourself can be tricky and expensive. I recently found an alarm system that provides families with a simple and affordable way to secure and monitor their homes. The Skylink Alarm System Kit is controlled by an Internet hub and includes a motion sensor, keychain remote, and two door or window sensors. First connect Skylink’s Internet hub to a wireless internet router. The security system coordinates the activities of all receivers and sensors with the help of an iOS and Android smartphone app. The app allows for complete control of the system including arming and disarming the alarm system from anywhere. If the door or window sensor detects motion, the Internet hub will send the user a push notification through the app. The app also allows users to view events that set off alarms through the live video monitoring through a smartphone or tablet. The system features a backup battery. In case of a power failure, all units and sensors would continue to work as a local alarm with an external siren. The Skylink Alarm System Kit can be paired with an emergency dialer that connects through a phone line to notify the user of the triggered alarm. $149 www.skylinkhome.com 70 L O C A L | may 15