LOCAL Houston | The City Guide MAY 2015 - Page 6

Local May_Final.qxp_002houston 4/23/15 12:19 PM Page 6 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR BEHIND THE COVER On an early pre-sunrise morning, a bevy of local models and our LOCAL team came together at Ley Plaza Park to recreate a nostalgic photo inspired by Woodstock. We couldn’t think of a moment in time more influenced by music. With Fleetwood Mac playing on the Jawbone and flower crowns in tow, Page Parkes models got into the mood, dancing, hugging, twirling and even jamming on their guitars. The clothes all came from personal closets, with many of the items belonging to our parents from the 70s. THE POWER OF MUSIC IS PROFOUND. A song has the power to make you happy, releasing powerful endorphins and heightening the senses. A song, melody or voice can cause chills, tears, laughter and even confidence. I have so many playlists. From the perfect mix to work out to, to one for organizing and even one for each of my children who have been listening to them as they fall asleep since they were born. They are the soundtracks to our lives. Some have the power to wash sorrow over my body reminding me of a moment in time. Those are the songs we don’t pick, they pick us. The song that was on when you got the call a loved one passed away. Or a pet. Still other songs can make us so happy we feel like flying. I am amazed by the ability of a melody to take me on such a heightened roller coaster ride of emotions and now I get to see this in my three-year-old. From music festivals to musicians, to ensembles, to places to listen to music live – this issue is meant to awaken your senses and make you happy! An interview with local Notre Dame student Jackson Jhin helps explain just why you like the music you like. Carla Valencia de Martinéz Editor-in-Chief Photography by Gabriella Nissen 6 L O C A L | may 15 PHOTOGRAPHY BY KENNON EVETT HAIR AND MAKEUP BY SHERRIE EVETT ALL MODELS PAGE PARKS: ASHLEY BROWN, GRACE EDMUNDS, ERIC FELCHAK, JOEY GARCIA, JON GLENN, LILY GRIFFIN, TAYLOR HILTON, LILLI HENTZ, ABBY KOENIG, MADELINE MCDONALD, CHARLOTTE STEVENS STYLIST CARLA VALENCIA DE MARTINEZ CREATIVE DIRECTION GABRIELLA NISSEN ASSISTANTS: SCOTT ANGLE, BRANDIE SEIREFT, IDA SAMERI SHOT ON LOCATION AT LEY PLAZA PARK IN THE HEIGHTS HOUSTON 4|20|2015