LOCAL Houston | The City Guide MAY 2015 - Page 25

Local May_Final.qxp_002houston 4/23/15 12:19 PM Page 25 Warehouse Live even has a quiet one to take a break from the music when needed, dubbed the Green Room. Parking is generally pretty easy, though the explosion of bars in EaDo has crowded the area some. No food, but Downtown is right on the other side of 59. Upcoming shows include Kaiser Chiefs, Built to Spill and Tyler the Creator. www.warehouselive.com Walters Downtown While Fitz and Warehouse Live have something for everyone, Walters is a little more hard core. Sure, everyone is welcome but Walters does an impeccable job booking real niche acts that have devoted followings. Think true indie rock and metal. Moving off of Washington Ave. a few years ago, Walters now has a bigger venue and more parking space as well. It also separated itself, a virtual opposite, from what Washington Ave. became. No food. Drinks are your standard venue fare. Upcoming shows include Ice Nine Kills and The Rentals. www.waltersdowntown.com Rudyard’s British Pub Montrose’s authentic British pub has been rocking the local music and stand-up comedy scene for quite some time. Recent winner of the best open mic night for comedy in Houston, Rudz takes its spoken word and standup quite seriously. They also book upand-coming local acts with ease. A few tips: Rudz has some killer food. They also have quite the beer list. Unrelated, but they have some awesome beer dinners as well. Be sure to check the website for events and parking; it ain’t aplenty. Upcoming shows include open mic comedy night every Monday, Brash Brewing Beer Dinner and Vanity Crimes (cd release party). www.rudyardspub.com The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club As the Rice area bar you have probably never been to, this dive is basically Houston’s version of a New Orleans blues bar. The Big Easy is just that, easy. National acts stop by and it also keeps regular acts booked on standing nights, with blues about 6 nights a week and Zydeco every Sunday. Gets a good weekend crowd. No food and a standard venue bar, but service always comes with a smile. Check the website for May events. www.thebigeasyblues.com Main Street Crossing Full disclosure: We’ve never been here. But any place that has a model of the Blues Brothers sitting on lawn chairs on top of its awning in historic downtown Tomball is a pl