LOCAL Houston | The City Guide MAY 2015 - Page 23

Local May_Final.qxp_002houston 4/23/15 12:19 PM Page 23 WHAT IS YOUR COMFORT FOOD? Burgers. BEST BREAKFAST? Café Brasil. BEST BRUNCH? Caracol. WHAT INGREDIENT CAN YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT IN THE KITCHEN AND WHY? Brown sugar – it’s a versatile and natural go-to that I use in everything from sauces to brines. WHAT UTENSIL CAN YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? Filet knife. FAVORITE LATE NIGHT SPOT FOR A BITE? Paisa food truck – Highway 6 and Clay. WHAT’S YOUR PET PEEVE? Tardiness. FAVORITE AFFORDABLE WINE? One more year! FAVORITE PLACE FOR DESSERT? Holley’s. WHO ARE YOUR FAVORITE CHEF, RESTAURANT AND DISH? Hector Romero, El Comedor in Caracas, Venezuela. IS THERE A FOOD YOU WON’T EAT? No. WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE NEXT FOOD TREND? Pickling. AT HOME, WHAT DO YOU KEEP ON HAND TO SERVE DROP-IN GUESTS? Yellowfin tuna with chipotle mayo and caramelized onions. WHAT WOULD PEOPLE BE SURPRISED TO FIND IN YOUR HOME REFRIGERATOR? At least 15 kinds of ice cream. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LAST MEAL? Arepas with queso fresco and sunny-side up eggs. WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Alain Ducasse. WHAT TREND DO YOU WANT TO SEE GO AWAY? Molecular gastronomy. WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO INGREDIENT/CONDIMENT AND WHY? Worcestershire sauce, because it’s something I can’t make myself. IS THERE A PARTICULAR FOOD THAT IS UNDERAPPRECIATED? AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO HELP ITS REPUTATION? Peruvian – but it’s exciting to now be in a city where there are great options. WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST DISH OR CONCOCTION YOU’VE EVER TRIED TO CREATE? OR WANT TO CREATE? Ceviche with chocolate. WHAT FOOD DID YOU HATE AS A KID, BUT LOVE NOW (IF ANYTHING)? Liver. may 15 | L O C A L 23