LOCAL Houston | The City Guide MAY 2015 - Page 15

Local May_Final.qxp_002houston 4/23/15 12:19 PM Page 15 LOCAL CHEESE BRIE Brazos Valley Cheese – Waco, TX Made from raw cow milk and aged to a creamy, rich perfection for 60 days, this brie has a thin, edible, bloomy rind that encases the velvety, yellow center. It has a distinctive bite with a pronounced finish that lingers. WILD TEXAS GUAJILLO HONEY Native Nectar – San Antonio, TX Guajillo is a wild desert bush that is native to Southwestern Texas. When the Guajillo blooms, the bees seek out the blonde blossoms that give Guajillo honey its delicious flavor and beautiful light golden color. BABY CAPRINO CKC Farms – Blanco, TX Created to emulate the soft-ripened goat’s cheeses made in Italy ,Baby Caprino is delicate with a flavorful kick. MIXED HERB CHEVRE Pure Luck Farm & Dairy – Dripping Springs, TX Handmade from high-quality milk from Nubian and Alpine goats, this chevre is creamy and piquant with lovely herbal undertones. SCAMORZA Mozzarella Company – Dallas, TX Smoked over native pecan wood, Scamorza is similar to a firm mozzarella. It has a subtle, smoky flavor and has great melting texture. GOLDEN BUTTER Lucky Layla Farms – Garland, TX Lightly salted, cultured butter from grass-fed Jersey and Guernsey cows. Lucky Layla’s deep yellow color is thanks to the cows’ rich diet of green grass. CARAWAY TO HEAVEN Eagle Mountain Cheese – Lapin, TX Smooth, semi-firm raw cow’s milk cheese studded with caraway seeds. Caraway to Heaven is great for the cheese plate or for melting. may 15 | L O C A L 15