LOCAL Houston | The City Guide March 2017 - Page 32

CLUB•ICE HOUSE•LOUNGE DEPOT DIVE LOLA'S DEPOT By Mike Cook Photography by Jenn Duncan We’re back this month with another edition of Houston dive bars you may or may not have heard of – Lord knows our city has thousands of them, each and every one unique, at least in part to the differing clientele. Maybe one day we’ll cover them all. But for now, for our Sports Issue, it’s in to Lola’s Depot in Montrose behind La Mexicana we go, once we found a parking spot (this is Montrose) and entered the sign-free, shack-looking building. You’re not at Lola’s for ambiance, but really, maybe, you are. Lola’s is the diviest (not an actual word) dive bar we’ve been to in ages. And that’s frankly special. We’re not even going to spend time talking in detail about the interior (it’s dark and dirty) and just preach. You could spend some quality time looking at the walls and not come close to seeing or understanding everything. After you thoroughly investigate the interior, play one of the more intense rounds of pool you’ll ever play, wait 15 minutes for the bathroom (somehow possible with one single stall), barf, shatter your bottle, trip on the patio, do your homework, people watch or just be yourself. Whooooever you are, or, whoever you want to be that night. That’s Lola’s. It’s many things without really trying to be anything. But it’s certainly slammed on Saturday nights with the entire spectrum of people looking for something just like you. Authenticity, we imagine? People all over, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends...sorry, we trailed off into night prayers there...cramped inside around the bar (don’t forget there’s a small quick order bar on the patio too) or the pool tables or filling the picnic tables or standing out on the patio. Which is somehow within CoH code with the awesome PVC and tarp “pergola.” We’re sure it helps during happy hour when the sun’s still out because you know the “Christmas tree” does not provide shade and the “cabana” is probably taken. Lola’s Depot | 2327 Grant St., Houston, TX 77006 | 713.528.8342 Hours: 4pm–2am EVERY DAY 32 LOCAL | march 17