LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 70

DESTINATION BELIZE: A FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADVENTURE Carla Valencia de Martinez | Photography Courtesy of Las Terrazas Resort Terrazas Resort THE WORD “ADVENTURE” MEANS AN EXCITING OR VERY UNUSUAL EX- PERIENCE. WE RECENTLY TOOK A FAMILY TRIP THAT OUR CHILDREN (TWO UNDER THE AGE OF SIX) GOT A THRILL OUT OF, MAKING IT TRULY THE PER- FECT AMOUNT OF ADVENTURE FOR EVERYONE FROM START TO FINISH. The flight to Belize City is just minutes over two hours from IAH. Upon arrival, we went through immigration and walked over to the Maya Island Air terminals to take us to San Pedro. We waited about 30 minutes for a puddle jumper (AD- VENTURE #1) to San Pedro. The 20-minute plane trip alone was worth it for the look on our children’s faces. But that’s not all: A drive took us weaving through the equally tiny town of San Pedro, with only three streets, aptly named Front, Middle and Back Streets where there were more bicycles and golf carts than vehicles. Which made for ADVENTURE #2 – dodging anything that wasn’t a vehicle! And finally, the boat ride (ADVENTURE #3) to Las Terrazas Resort stopped us in our tracks with its stunning Caribbean waters of blue, green, turquoise and aqua ombre that hug the coastline. 70 L O C A L | june 17 After all the aforementioned excitement, Las Ter- razas with its white terraced condos did not disap- point. The property stands out among the properties on the north side of town. We were met at the dock with tropical cocktails. We knew the journey had set the t