LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 47

1. The Texas Aesthetic XI: The Search for “Texas” in Contemporary Art and Culture William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art | May 12–July 1 Whether you’re a native or a newbie to Houston, this two-month-long crash course in art, literature, music, books and food is sure to teach you something new about the Lone Star State. Featuring more than twenty artists who create paintings about the natural and cultural landscape of Texas, The Texas Aesthetic XI brings together myriad programs that explore everything from classic country songs to the romanticized canyons of Big Bend. www.reavesart.com 2. a living, breathing brand | Rudolph Blume | ArtScan Gallery | May 13–June 10 Andy Warhol’s soup cans seem positively quaint in these days of personalized web ads and million-plus dollar Super Bowl spots. Enter curator Tommy Gregory, who has assembled 8 art- ists who “carry the torch of 50s and 60s pop art by providing a continual mirror to our own consumerist tendencies.” Think: an updated take on branding by artists. (Yes, the art will be for sale – let’s go shopping!) www.rudolphblume.com 3. Paul Ramírez Jonas: Atlas, Plural, Monumental | Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Through August 6 This big-hearted retrospective of New York artist Jonas invites audiences to make public prom- ises, exchange keys to their homes (optional) and play “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” on glass bottles filled with water. A giant horse statue made of cork anchors the installation, where you can pin whatever scrap of paper or object you’d like – big or small, mundane or important. Spend an hour at this fun, thought-provoking show. www.camh.org 4. THE CALL OF COUNTRY: New Paintings by Australian Aboriginal Artists of Ampilatwatja Booker-Lowe Gallery | May 13–July 29 Did you know that Houston is home to the “longest-running Aboriginal art gallery in the Americas?” Well, for the next few months, Booker-Lowe Gallery is celebrating its 15th anni- versary with a group exhibition of works by artists from the small community of Ampilatwatja in Australia. Visit to see brightly colored and exquisitely stippled paintings that capture the beauty of the continent’s Northern Territory. www.bookerlowegallery.com 5. OTIS JONES | Gray Contemporary | May 20–July 1 Galveston-born artist Otis Jones has been on the Texas scene for years, but has not shown in Houston since 1996 – until now! His recent meaty paintings, which have been stretched around irregularly shaped plywood panels, show the ins and outs of building an object. He doesn’t try to hide frayed edges, staples or glue drips; instead, he lets you inspect his works’ imperfections. We’re glad to see Mr. Jones back in Houston! www.graycontemporary.com june 17 | L O C A L 47