LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 41

fresh cut up pineapple and topped with whipped cream, whereas I opted for the Paradise Tea, a refreshing and satiating beverage full of fresh pieces of fruit and chewy boba. www.nucafehouston.com The last tour stop carried over to the next day. I overestimated the gastro capacities of my daughter and wife the day before, and might have caused permanent damage if they were allowed to eat their way through one more stop. So, alas, here I was solo, heading in a slightly different direction to TAMPICO REFRESQUERIA, also in The Heights, but seemingly miles away from the modern gentrified pockets of trendy eateries. Walk up to the window prepared to resurrect any Spanish skills you might have or be ready to point your way through the expansive menu of treats, both chilly-sweet and savory. After conducting some thorough “online comments section” research, I settled on a few items. The raspas (aka snow cones) were the perfect nostalgic blend of icy, slushy and sweet, made even more refreshing by the high noon Houston heat. The mangonadas, a first for me (but certainly not the last) was a cup overflowing with fresh-cut fruit mixed with lime juice, and topped with chili powder and Chamoy sauce, an addicting salty, spicy, sweet and sour condiment made from pickled fruit. The combination was entirely new to me, yet oddly familiar at the same time. Washed down with an ice cold Topo Chico, it was the perfect summertime snack. www.facebook.com/pages/Tampico-Refresqueria IT WAS A GREAT WAY TO CAP OFF A MICROCOSMIC TOUR OF CHILLY H-TOWN TREATS, WITH THESE REPRESENTING JUST A FRACTION OF THE PLACES YOU CAN GO AROUND TOWN TO COOL AND REFRESH YOUR MIND, BODY AND PAL- ATE. ONE THING IS CERTAIN: HOUSTON GETS HOT, BUT IT’S ALSO MERCIFULLY TEEMING WITH PLACES TO GO AND SOOTHE YOUR SUN-KISSED SOULS. POPSICLE june 17 | L O C A L 41