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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE RAINBOW LODGE FROSÉ RESTAURANT: DRINK: Admittedly, I had never heard of the drink frosé. As one of the handful of restaurants in Houston that carries this unique twist on rosé, Rainbow Lodge was my curiosity’s destination. RESTAURANT: FUSION TACO DRINKS: ICED BOURBON CHAI AND OAXACAN GRAPEFRUIT SLUSH This food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar restaurant is Houston’s new favorite taco shop. Married couple Julie Sharab and David Grossman (former owner of Branch Water Tavern) became business partners as they embarked on this venture together. Recently expanding their business even more, they added a new location in the Heights. With color plastered on all the walls, sun shining into the restaurant and a dog-friendly patio, this place is perfect for an afternoon of drinking and gourmet (and out of the ordinary) tacos. I had no idea that I was in for a major surprise. Every single ingredient was highlighted as I drank away. The taste of cinnamon, orange, and spice-infused heavy cream tangoed in my mouth with the iced bourbon chai (seriously – there was a dance party). I could not believe how apparent each ingredient became – I was amazed at the ingredients I was tasting. Created with Bandol, a rosé straight from southern France, beverage director Marc Borel truly went over and beyond to capture the essence of this drink. Each element was key in maintaining the taste of the champagne and bringing a flavor to your mouth that you would love. Rosé, citrus, fiona sherry and strawberry syrup were all combined into a blender to create a concoction of goodness. The next drink was a twist on the classic mimosa. Made with smoky mezcal, grapefruit and lime juices, ginger beer and agave, our favorite brunch beverage turned into a drink made for dinner. It had a smoky taste with a fruity underlining. I literally kept going back for another sip trying to convince myself that this wasn’t mimosa’s twin sister. Filled with flavor, both of these drinks were the right match for the gourmet tacos (really). I could not believe how the distinct taste of both the drin ks and tacos made indulging them at the same time more enjoyable. RESTAURANT: BRENNER’S STEAKHOUSE ON THE BAYOU DRINK: FROZEN GIN AND TONIC AND RUBY FROSÉ Brenner’s is the place to be for happy hour. I was greeted by a mass of people and the relaxing sound of a live band performing in the background. Everyone around me happily chatted and sang along with the band, creating a lively setting. While grooving to the music, I made my way to the bar and requested the restaurant’s only two frozen drinks: the ruby frosé and frozen gin and tonic. My first sip came from the frozen gin and tonic – where the powerful taste hit me like a bus. I felt a buzz right away from the gin (maybe I’m a lightweight?). For someone who considers herself a lover of everything alcohol, this one gave me a challenge. Next, I went straight for the ruby frosé. The frosé revealed a strong hint of champagne with a delicate aftertaste of grapefruit. My taste buds danced. Reminding me of a slushy, this frosé mixture has a smooth consistency with a few ice chunks to keep you cool on a warm day. The subtle taste of wine is smooth against your taste buds; the taste of strawberries fills your mouth. Made to prevent from melting quickly, I was able to slowly enjoy this drink at my leisure. With an acre of land filled with a beautifully landscaped patio area complete with trees and a small stream, one could sit in the sun and sip on a few of these delights all day. june 17 | L O C A L 37