LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 36

CHEERS TO THE SUMMER COOL DRINKS FOR HOT TIMES By Epiphany Ciers THE BRIGHT SUN, HEAT AND… DRINKS? SOUNDS LIKE THE PERFECT COMBINATION TO ME. I HAD THE NOT-SO- HARD TASK TO FIND THE BEST FROZEN DRINKS FOR THESE HOT SUMMER MONTHS. FROM SWEET TO TANGY AND SMOOTH TO STRONG, THERE IS A DRINK HERE FOR EVERYONE. FOUR SEASONS PROSECCO POPSICLE® RESTAURANT: DRINK: Surprise filled my face as the bartender handed me a glass of red wine with an ice pop placed inside; I quickly found a seat at a table in the middle of the bar. This fun drink was the last thing I expected from this busi- ness-savvy hotel. Soothing music played in the background as I sat and chatted with the lady across from me – and dove into the enticing drink in front of me. The punch of Zardetto Cuvée, glera, chardonnay and muscat hit my mouth with a tingle. The tart taste eventually became a bit more smooth as the ice pop began to melt. I snuck a taste of the ice pop and the succulent flavor of wine and fruit melted into my mouth. After pestering the bartender for the ingredients for the ice pop, I finally got the running list of: a blend of red wine, strawberries, pineapple, juice and club soda. The combination of a glass of wine and that ice pop provided a drink that allowed my taste buds to indulge. I felt light on my feet and bliss filled my body as I savored my last sip. A perfect buzz hit me as I left the bar. BRASSERIE DU PARC PORT AU MELON RESTAURANT: DRINK: I strolled toward the bar in this quaint crepe restaurant. As I passed the French-style dining room filled with round tables and white basketweave chairs, I felt as if I was transported to a cafe in Paris. As I sat quietly, I watched as the host composed a true “treat,” prepared with Grey Goose Melon vodka, ruby port and cantaloupe sorbet. I was eager for this savory drink. Presented in a martini glass, the mixture was dressed with a touch of mint (grown right in front of the restaurant). Though filled with fruit, the ruby port surprisingly brought out a clear taste of chocolate that overpowered the drink. 36 L O C A L | june 17 As a lover of everything chocolate, my taste buds danced as I sipped slowly. A chocolate smoothie turned martini is the perfect description. After a few minutes of relishing an overload of chocolate, I began to taste the touch of melon sprinkled into the drink. A burst of vodka hit my mouth with my last few sips and the liquor really began to do its work. Inspired by French beverages, beverage director Kimberly wanted to provide an out of the ordinary mix. Prepared with the only flavored vodka in the bar, the drink is literally a bar specialty. With a location directly across from Discovery Green, an afternoon stroll can easily turn into a true French experience.