LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 25

We’re sorry, that lead in was just too easy. Kind of like recommend- ing BOSSCAT . Too easy. What’s that? Not sure where or what this Bosscat is? Well, let’s take a few minutes to introduce you before we get on with our...burger, burger...buuuurgerrrr. Sorry. Located right next to quite possibly the hottest area of the city, River Oaks District on Westheimer, Bosscat Kitchen and Libations’ second loca- tion in the country (the first is in Newport, California) takes up a nice chunk of real estate, just a little farther inside the loop than the ROD. The new building, showing lots of brick, is surrounded by mature trees, has some high- end garage doors (looks wise) and plenty of panache overall, and is open and ready to serve everything from Sunday brunch (huge in Cali, will be here too) to daily lunch to late night. Well-designed and in some cases hand-built by the owners, Bosscat shows its love for high-end food and whiskey with an ex- pansive but comfortable industrial/rustic indoor area, two patios (one is just ideal for group parties), all centered around the bar and the whiskey room (yeah, there are probably 250 in there, just ask for the list!). Even after scouting the city during the Memorial Day floods for a possible location, Bosscat still chose us, Houston, so let’s pay them back! Our advice, enjoy the customer-centric service in their laid-back atmosphere, while eating a boatload of creative comfort food and enjoying some killer drinks and an order of Red Velvet Churros. Speaking of killer drinks, bar director Matt Sharp (the bearded man who paired our Perfect Pair) had some sage advice for us when we were enjoying this here Bosscat Burger and he brought out the Old-Fashioned it’s paired with: “Just get up and leave any bar that tries to serve you an Old-Fashioned with muddled cherries.” Damn right, Matt! Three, and only three ingredients (if you don’t count the ice), the BOSSCAT OLD-FASHIONED is as it should be: spirit, sugar and bitters. Sure, there’s the orange too, but it’s just providing oils/ essence to the straight-up, pure Old-Fashioned. As a contrast, the other side of the pair is a BURGER with a new flavor in each bite! While the list of ingredients might be daunting (burger, chopped ham, fixings, black garlic sauce, caramelized onions, balsamic vin- egar, cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese!!!), the flavors actually work and this is one awesome (and gigantic) burger. Enjoyed as a Perfect Pair, the Old-Fashioned balances the sharpness of the burger while blah blah blah...really? Burger and whiskey? Just do it. Bosscat Burger and an Old-Fashioned, please! By Mike Cook Photography by Anthony Rathbun BOSSCAT KITCHEN AND LIBATIONS 4310 Westheimer Road, Suite 150 | Houston, TX 77027 281.501.1187 | www.bosscatkitchen-houston.com june 17 | L O C A L 25