LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 20

DINE WRITE HAUTE IN THE HEIGHTS Field and Tides Rolls In By Janice Schindeler | Photography by Sarah Miller 5.6.2017 10:13am Frittata TOOK A TRIP AROUND THE BLOCK TO FIND FIELD & TIDES RESTAURANT AND BAR. THREE REASONS: • No parking visible. • I was looking for Field and Tides, not the large FTRB letters that span the entrance. • And I never imagined that in Houston, Texas – the land of big and bigger – a restaurant with food this good would be in space this small. But once I finally sorted it all out, I was delightfully rewarded. (FYI: Valet parking happens around the corner.) I love this tiny space with its vaulted ceiling of wide wooden boards; its pristine white walls; its ceiling fans of fans (you’ll have to trust me on this one); its burly, bearded staff, who along with the bar made from cross cuts of logs, give the space a hipster Portland vibe. 20 L O C A L | june 17 The 11th Street blue bungalow is cozy, the noise level a tad high due to all the hard surfaces. (For those desiring an intimate conversation, seek out an alfresco table.) Head chef and part owner TRAVIS LENIG has cooked around town for a while. And the menu reflects the knowledge garnered from past experiences at the ever-popular Liberty Kitchen and Shade restaurants.