LOCAL Houston | The City Guide June 2017 - Page 18

FOOD A MATTER OF TASTE TACODELI’S DOÑA SAUCE SIZZLES Since Austin transplant TACODELI set up shop at 1902 Washington Ave. in April, they’ve done a heated business at breakfast and lunch (they close at 3pm) – and one of the hottest things on the menu is the restaurant’s famous Doña Sauce, a creamy jalapeno concoction that takes their tacos to the next level. (Editor’s note: Order the Heather [grilled queso fresco, organic refried black beans, guacamole, lettuce, tomato] and the Pollo Fantastico [shredded chicken, roasted green chile sauce, crema mexicana, green onions] and thank me later). Created by Austin employee Bertha Gonzales in response to a company contest issued by founder Robert Espinosa, the “Doña“ is a velvety and spicy origina [H]ۈH\]][ۋY\][X[ۋH[HX[YH[[[YYX]H]]X[H\Y\˂۞[\[YHX[HX[HX]H[۝Y\^H[YZ\\\]\[[]\[[ NNNKH\B[[YY^X[H[HXX[\]]H\Xܝ^Y^XYܙH[ݚ[HTˈHX[HY[XYH\Y[[۞[\8'XK8'HH]Hو\XH[HY\YYH]K^KXH\H[ܚ]HܚY[[\]\[[\[\H]XH[[وHX[H[\HۈB[[\HYH[[[Yܘ[Y[X\وX[x&\KZۚ][][]KۈHH[H[ۛΈYHقX[x&\[\[Y[HXK\[\YHܙ\˂]8&\ H[H[ۙ^Bܘ\HH\HX\[ŒNH[H M