LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 73

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE American entrepreneur with big plans for the estate comprised of two châteaux and a clos. little under 8,000 wines are produced yearly, exclusively off the grapes grown on site. An average of 35,000 visitors tour the magical estate and snap up most of the product. www.chateaupommard.com Château de Châteauneuf is a MUST. This was our last stop on route to Evians-les-Bains in the Rhone Alpes region. I fell in love with this enchanted property where we had the place to ourselves on a perfectly moody rainy day. The 14th -château was a fortress during the Hundred Years’ War and ruled by the Châteauneuf family for generations until the death of the last heiress Catherine, who was burned alive for poisoning her second husband. www.burgundy-tourism.com SAVOR: A visit to any one of Bernard Loiseau’s restau [\HX] HY[]H[YYY&\YKZ[\]YH\X]K]\X]H\Yۙ\HZX[[\\]\[[YHZ[\]YH[ [H\ܚX‚[\وX][HHHX\ˈ\\H\\]\[[[Hٙ\H[H\BH\[X]\\Hܘ\\[[ق[X]X[\[[[H\[HBH\XYX[[H[XX[H\HB\\^[]HHHH\ˈH\œ[Y[[X\]H]X؝[\H]Yܙ[Y[[ۙY\ HYHX]Y^  L ][H˘\\ [\X]KK[[UPSSTPRSH\Z\Z[Y\[[]H[[YH™\ݙ\0]X[S\PZ[YHوH[YY]\VN]\۸&]][ܙHX[H]K\\^\H]X[\ܝ0[X[ݙ\[ZB[]KY\]HY[[^[\H܂ݙ\ L YX\[H\HX[B[[YY\H\K\[H[ݘ][ۈX[[]\ܚX\]YH]۝[\ܘ\B\YۋH\[\X]Z[ˈܛ0[X[\YY\[][[X[\\]\H8$[\]YH[[\8$[B\Y[ ˙]X[\ܝ KZ[\YKZ[ \X[ ]H\]X[HX]]Y[[[HY\[ \“\HX[ۙH\ Z[\H[]K\Y[H[]H[[x&[[X[Y\[HY\[\Y[H[\H8$\\\H^\H[\X]\B[K˛\\ؘX[ۙKBUԎH\]Y\YHZX[[\\YY]XH[\[\X[H^H]B[\X[\]Y\XH]H[X[ \\[H]\\X[ۙH\\š[ݘ]]H\\]X\]ZY\]H[K\\8'H[H[X[XX[H[H[˸'HZ[Y]HX\\›و[ۈ\ۛ^KX\\[\KΈ[Z\[ZY\H\YHHܛX[\X[H[[\X]]Y[X܈] ^H]\H]]X[[\[[ۙܙ\[H]Hܘ[Hو\^X][ۜ˂˙[]X[]\\YKKK\[Z\[[ZY\K[XZ\ۈ[H]Yܘ\HH\H\]Z[ ՈH[H\Bܘ\HH[Y[Bܘ\HH\][]XB8&S܈\[\‚0X]HHZ[B\\\\H\X[ۙB[H MH‚