LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 70

TOOLS+GADGETS Michael Garfield, The High-Tech Texan ® | www.hightechtexan.com 2 3 1 1. Powerhandz Sports Gloves I will take any advantage when it comes to performing better on the golf course or the basketball court. I noticed recently my golf shots have been going farther and it could be due to the Powerhandz gloves I have been wearing. These weighted training gloves were designed to improve strength in the hand and arm muscles for increased power and speed. The weight is distributed across the top side of the glove with a grip material on the palm. The gloves can increase finger strength which allows for proper control of a bat or golf club in full swing. $70 www.powerhandz.com 2. MightyTV How long does it take you and your friends or family to find and agree on a movie to watch? A free app called MightyTV can help make finding a flick as simple as swiping right. MightyTV pulls videos and trailers across all services at once, like Netflix ® , HBO ® , Amazon ® , Hulu and iTunes ® . The graphics are easy to read and filter by price, cast and features. It is essentially Tinder for video: You open the app, and see a large poster for a movie or TV show. Swipe right if you like it, left if you don’t, up to skip, and right and hold if you love it. The app is free on iTunes and is coming soon for Androids. www.mighty.tv 3. INFLUX WiFi Maximizing Dock Do you have a “dead” spot in your home or office where your WiFi just doesn’t seem to work? A company called INFLUX could have a simple solution with a gadget that needs no setup, software or power required. The INFLUX Router Dock™ claims it can boost your router’s performance with signal strength so you can connect and download faster. Quite simply, it is a molded base that you place your router in. The vertical part of the base reflects signals. INFLUX says the solution can improve wireless signal strength by up to 50 percent immediately. The dock can also shield your network from unwanted interference from other competing WiFi networks coming into your home. $60 www.influxworld.com 70 L O C A L | june 16