LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 40

COMMUNITY THE CISTERN History and our modern world quite literally collide on the opposite end of Buffalo Bayou Park. It’s hard to miss the lush beauty of Buffalo Bayou Park nestled in between Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway as you drive towards Downtown. Bursting in shades of green, full of life and bustling with activity and visitors. But last month the park unveiled a very different entity at its entry: 12 feet below the streets surface sits the cavernous Y[^[H\\\]\H\\Yۛ[N\ۈ\][ \]ܜ\HYYHZ\قۋY\ܚ\ܜ[H[[H][[H[\HXYHو[  \[ۘܙ]H[\[Y]HܘZ[HH]]HX]\X[[]XK\x&\H\HݚYYHY[ۈHܜ˜[ۙH\[[ˈ^HZ[]ZXH[\[XY[[YX]ܜZ[›Y]ܘ\[\ܛ[[\[KH[[]ZXH[\[\[K[ZH\H\\8$H\H\\\܈[Z[]\8$]\Y˜H\]x&\]\\H[]\Z[[ NLH[XY[H\ۚX[\[\]\[YܙH\[Y\و[\Y X[]\\H[B\[Y]\وHXHۈH]ۘܙ]H]]X\Z[ˈ\\HB\\&\\ܞHH][\[ۈ]X[Z\[ۈ[ [˜[ۙH^Hٙ\^[Y]وYXY[[™[[]\[\و\\[ۈ[ۙHܚ^ۈوB]\[HܙX]HH[ܞH^[ۈوY[[ ]8&\š[\XHHۈ]^HHHXZ\HوHXK˘Y[ؘ^[Kܙ‚H\H[[XHHX\[^ܘ\HH]XHܛ\ H[H M