LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 28

THIS MONTH’S MUST-SEE EXHIBITS 1 1. The Heritage Society Museum Gallery | 1100 Bagby St | 713.655.1912 Profile of a Houston Oil Family: Photographs from the Staiti/Reisner Family Collection is an extraordinary collection capturing the lifestyle of a prosperous young Houston oil family making the most of this nascent industry. The photographs include sweeping panoramic shots and several black and white photos that have been hand-colored. Beautiful photos of their extensive gardens and interior views of their home illustrate the lifestyle afforded to the Staitis as a result of Henry Staiti’s success in the burgeoning oil industry. www.heritagesociety.org 2 2. Deborah Colton Gallery | 2445 North Blvd. | 713.869.5151 Between: Daniel Kayne – Ivan Plusch features accomplished young Russian artist Ivan Plusch and the late Houston artist Daniel Kayne. This unique show includes large-scale paintings on canvas and various mixed media works of these two talented and thoughtful artists. Although born into very different political and social environments, both artists were inspired by a strong desire to create a positive difference through their works, which are remarkably cohesive, though also distinctly different. www.deborahcoltongallery.com 3. Devin Borden Gallery | 3917 Main Street | 713.529.2700 With New Radius Drawings, Richard Nix makes intricate drawings generated from musical scores. Visual patterns echo sounds revealed as shifting colors. Contours of posing dancers or grappling Greco-Roman wrestlers are rotated and repeated to create textures seemingly woven from thread. Trained as a sculptor, Nix completed his MFA at the University of Houston (2010) and has previously had solo exhibitions at Lawndale Art Center (2013) and Devin Borden Gallery (2014). His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions in Houston including Skydive, The Joanna and Project Row Houses, and at Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas. www.devinborden.com 4. Houston Center for Photography | 1441 West Alabama | 713.529.4755 In The Pipeline’s Path – The Keystone XL pipeline, being a point of political contention and a symbol of many, and often contradictory, things, Eric Kayne photographed the people who lived directly in the path of the pipeline in Nebraska. Spending weeks in November 2014 and July 2015 photographing and speaking with the people who opposed the pipeline as well as those who accepted it and signed easements, Kayne hopes that in some way his photos help balance out the issue and give voice to those fighting on their own for a different pathway. www.hcponline.org 3 28 L O C A L | june 16