LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 22

CLUB•ICE HOUSE•LOUNGE By Mike Cook Photography by Daniel Ortiz KIRBY ICE HOUSE A NEIGHBORHOOD PEARL HOW DO YOU IMPROVE ON SOME OF THE BEST BARS IN THE CITY? START WITH ALL THE GOOD FROM LITTLE WOODROW’S, FIND A HUGE LOT AND BUILD NEW FROM THE GROUND UP, SECURE TONS OF PARKING, INSERT MASSIVE OUTDOOR SPACE, ADD THE EL CAMINO FROM THE DEFUNCT THE EL CANTINA SUPERIOR RESTAURANT AS OUTDOOR DECOR, TURN THE DIAL UP TO 11 ON EVERYTHING ELSE (SERVICE, DRINKS, ATMOSPHERE, LANDSCAPING, INTERIOR) AND YOU GET … THE KIRBY ICE HOUSE. First off, daaaaamn, this lot is huge. How do you even acquire this much land, in Upper Kirby? We digress. The new building is split by two long bars lined with stools and topped with granite. The rest of the vast interior proudly displays plenty of reclaimed wood, concrete floors, an arm chair/couch area, Beer Pong Master (a game we didn’t even know existed), TVs and vintage portraits of old movie stars (because why not, we guess). There is also a ton of staff here. Like far more than most bars in town have. Most of them seem friendly, and you get your drink quickly too. And a mansion’s worth of ceiling fans, a necessity with the whole inside/outside design. Those roll-up doors are going to get a lot of use. And the “backyard” they open up to – massive. We can’t stress that enough. Tons of space, crushed granite and lawn furniture galore. There is enough room for your entire office to party here. Or all your friends. Or your whole family. (Just don’t bring the kids; it’s 21 and up. Dogs, however, are welcome in the “best backyard in Texas.”) 3333 Eastside St. | 713.524.2752 www.facebook.com/kirbyicehouse M–F 2pm–2am | Sat 10am–2am | Sun 12pm–2am 22 L O C A L | june 16 IF YOU’RE WONDERING: Yes, the 50+ beers on tap are the same at both the front and back bars and, yes, the frozen citrus cooler is as good as any frozen screwdriver in town. There are also plenty of spirits, wine, and regular and draft cocktails but honestly most of the crowds (which we mean literally as this place seems to be slammed all the time since its recent opening) may not even care that much about what they are drinking; they are just having a good time. Hard to argue with that.