LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JUNE 2016 - Page 14

FOOD BRAIN FREEZE It doesn’t get more nostalgic than brightly hued shaved ice quickly melting onto a paper cone on a hot summer day. We took to social media last month to research your favorite snow cone spots and found the suggestions to be as diverse as they were vast in their locations citywide. From all natural varieties to the good ol’-fashioned artif XX[H]ܙYۙ\ˈ][H[ۚZ\܈HXHۘ[ۈ[YH][ۈ][ۋ]8&\ٙXX[Hۛ[ ۛۙKۛۙH܈]YXHX\ۋHZYY[\H\[ܛ[܈ۛۙHX[XKX[x&\\Y]H[H[\X[Z\ܙY۝] L ˈ][YH Y\[]\YHوH [Z[]HZ]HۙHوHYHݙ]Y\و]YXKY]H[[x&\[HZ[\[ \]\Z\[\Y ]]\ؘۛ[[[\\[H][XYH\\\[X[Z] \ZXH[\H[HY\\]˞Y]\[[KH܈Z\YZHY[K[[x&\]HZ[\[ܘY]YXH[]\Z]]ܜ [H\Y\]X\XJH[XZ\]\\]\H[HY\˙[[KH܈][ۜˈ[Y\[ HXH\&\œۛ[]HH[[][[Z\ۛ]ۙ[YZ[܈XHܙX[KMNLLX[ۙ [\XY\]Y\XHX]\\Y^X[\[H\\[H\Y]Bو]ܜH\YXX[]\[ ][[Y[ܙX[\XHܙX[K[[H[X[ۘYK LXZ[ H][\Y][ۜ[YH\ˈۘHXHY][]]XH[\X[\ۈX\H\X[H]Z[XH܈]]H][ˈ˚ۘKZXKKZ[XHX&\X[\Y]H\[H]H\XK˘Z[XXX˘BH\H[[XHHX\[^ܘ\HHH\\\X[ۈH\XH\‚MH[H M