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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE WHERE TO LIVE NEXT HOUSTON NEIGHBORHOODS ON THE RISE When it comes to Houston real estate, BILL BALDWIN , broker and owner of Boulevard Realty, knows what up-and-coming looks like well before most people remotely see the upside. Nearing his 20th year in the business, he cut his teeth in the Heights market before it was even a glimmer in the eye of the retail, residential and restaurant developers who now all want a piece of the pie. “I very deliberately decided to call the Heights my home because I thought it had enor- mous potential and was already a great neighborhood despite the fact that it had a less than stellar reputation,” Baldwin explains, reminiscing about when he set roots down in Norhill Heights in the late 1990s. “But I also knew it’d be a lucrative place to sell real estate since a lot of Inner Loop realtors were afraid to set foot in the neighborhood.” Off the record, he might even tell you the names of certain big names in Houston real estate who weren’t even allowed to take listings there. Fast forward two decades and the Heights is arguably the hottest residential market in the Inner Loop, and it has been since shortly after Baldwin entered the scene. In 2008, he purchased the firm that would become Boulevard Realty, which has roots all the way back to the mid-90s. “I chose the name Boulevard for my rebranding because, while we are about selling great houses, even more importantly, we are about selling Courtesy of Boulevard Realty great neighborhoods. When people are choosing where they want to live they are really choosing how they want to live. Do you want walkable, historic, urban, quirky? What combination of new and old, indoor and outdoor, public and private is going to best reflect your lifestyle?” Just as important as where to buy is when to buy, and for Baldwin there is no time like the present. “I can say with a fair degree of confidence that we are experiencing the most balanced market in over a decade. There is always room for negotiation, but I think supply and demand has mostly balanced out, and prices are about where they should be. No one really knows what the future holds, but real estate -- as close as you can get to the inner part of Houston, along a greenway or major thoroughfare -- is about the safest investment you can make right now.” Havel and Ruck Sculpture in Fifth Ward - Inversion Artists Rendering - Levitt Pavillion at Willow Waterhole in Westbury - Miller Outdoor Theater of the Southwest Side 62 LO C AL | july 17 NEAR NORTHSIDE: Lindale Park, Ryon, Cascara, Montie Beach There is no great surprise here. With its proximity to the Heights and Downtown, plus the perfect synergy of public and private investment (think: METRORail Fulton Line, White Oak Music Hall), this area is positioned to be the next Heights or Montrose. It’s no happy accident that this area is revitalizing but with its heavily Hispanic flair intact. While organizations l RFRw&VFW"'F6FRvVVBF7G&7BfVVR4D2Bĕ42fR&VVv&rF&fR66WVGB'GVGFR&VFVfFr&VB&WGvVVGDBBFR&6RFW6vƖ6R6VBWfVGVǒ'&r7&vƖr6vGW&P( FV6&( :RǖFRv'&V&F2FBvVB'&FvRF26VGvFFRw&VFW"VvG2u$TDU"T5BTCV7GvBvFRv6FRGvBvƖ&6֖"FFRw&VFW"'F6FRFW&R2&VVW6F&WfFƗRFW6RVv&&G2vRfFpFRFW"( ~( v&BvVG&f6F( FRW6r7F62&WBBFBvRvVBbBvGW&ЦfW"'WBFbW2vVBƖRF6VRBFVB6֖"FbB&WGFW"FvRfR6VVFRVvG2GG&7FfRWBff&F&RWFFVB6vRf֖ǒW6rFB2gVǒƖRvFFR7F&06&7FW"bFRVv&&B( 62&( ĖbR&VGƗfRFW6R&V2RBW"Vv&'0VVBFWGvFw2B6Gs֖VB6RB֖V'VBƖR&66ǒF6P&RFWfVVBF2FB&WfVBfWb7V&FfFVBG2BWBb6RFvW6W2v^( fP&VG6VV&V2ƖRF&Bv&BBVFFBBǒFF6R6W6Rg&7FvFFRW7F&Ɨ6V@&W6FVG2'WBFWF( BWfV6VFBvVvVR'VBFbFV( УSf&&2ƖFR&4UDtU5Cvv&VBvW7F'W'WvB&&FV7B F2'&B7vFbVv&&G2FB&RW7B6WFvW7BbFR&V&W2BvW7BW2bFR6GFW"v&G2&V2FB&Rf"WBb&V6b7B'WW'2ffW'2vBVR&RVFFVǒpf#vBW6RBvB&6RvBVv&&B( FRVv&&G2F2&V&Vǒ&PVBBVFRff&F&Rw&VB6RFfB&67GRfW"WW"vFG2b&B76Rf"W Fw2B6WG2( 62&vF&R&Rw&VVv##6VvVG2FRvf"'&W0&RBvrvFW&^( 27FW"RFR֖W"WFF"FVFW"bFR6WFvW7B6FRF22&&&ǒFR6Rf"Vrf֖ƖW2vfR6RbvRGW&rFRGVVBbw&VB&V6W76FFR&BvF6fR6V6&RrFW&fW7FVB&Ff6ǒBFW&2bVƗGbƖfR3v2VFu$TDU"deDt$BB4U$Rt$DT0F22vW"FW&f"&Gv( FbBF2vFR66W"R&RFW7F( 2FV6RW&&6&RFR&RWV6fRFR&W'GBFVFRfVW27F'BFFfgW6RF&VvWBFRW"6FRVvG22f"&RWV6fRFFFBv2#V'2vBFRf'FW"vRvW@g&FR&RWV6fRB&V6W26RFrvFFRw&FVBg&&fW"2FG&6PF֖GFvB6( &VFB2&6vF7F'B7VGW&R'WB6( BVFR6RWFP&F"f"FWfVW'22FRw&VFW"fgFv&BBF6VB6W&Rv&FV2( FR6G&VG0FV"6vG26WBF2&VFW&2bV6֖2FWfVVB6FFRFR2&vBF7F'BFBrF666VFW6ǒFWfVVv&&G2ƖRFVfW"&&"FBfR7F&6ǒ&VVv&f&6RW6rrFvRVWf7B&GbBff&F&RvR'&FVrFRF&6R6FBvR&fRFR662&2BvWB&R6G6W'f6W3FFR7vW"ƖW26VR@W7BrFvWBw&VBFV6RB'WB6VRv2rFffRvF&VB&R'BbG2WB6FW"vRV'&6rFR7F'( CS7V7B Cs3'V6Vǒr2c