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Says Walter Bering of Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty (who currently holds the listing for 2 Longfellow Lane), “My understanding of John Staub is that sources that knew him have described him as ‘uncompromising.’ I have had clients who have lived in a number of his homes. In many cases, they were custom-built for their family. Staub knew these families on a social level and had a clear idea of what home would work for them. “And in other cases, he actually told the client what they wanted. He was always right. Since many of his homes were built before air conditioning, the rooms were positioned and designed to take advantage of the airflow. The house plans that he drafted are a work of art. I have seen some clients have them framed and put on their wall.” Rienzi Exterior; Photo by Williamson Photography; Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston River Oaks Coiuntry Club, Original Club House (Built 1923, demolished in the 19660s) Photog- raphy provided by River Oaks Country Club Staub had a variety of styles, ranging from modest to very opulent. “Regardless of the style, his homes are intimate and very livable. He designed homes that helped shape the character of most all of Houston’s finest neighborhoods,” says Bering. “He was a very prolific architect of his time and created a ‘brand’ that was very much in demand. The architectural pedigree of a John Staub home offers an intangible resale value that will command a higher price. His ‘uncompromising’ nature has translated into a product that has stood the test of time and continues to be very much in demand.” TAKE A TOUR: HERE’S A CHECKLIST IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A DRIVE-BY TOUR OF JOHN STAUB DESIGNED HOMES: River Oaks 3511 Del Monte Drive (1926), New England colonial 3452 Del Monte Drive, Mellinger House (1931), American colonial 2950 Lazy Lane, Dogwoods (1928), Norman manor house 2960 Lazy Lane, J. Robert Neal House (1933), Louis XV chateau-style 2995 Lazy Lane, Ravenna (1935) 2975 Lazy Lane (1939) 2929 Inwood Drive (1934), Colonial 2909 Inwood Drive (1936), Neo-Georgian 3335 Inwood Drive (1926), English manor 3637 Inwood Drive (1940), Georgian 3740 Willowick Road (1957) Rienzi Exterior; Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Shadyside 17 Shadowlawn Circle (1926), French Breton 3 Remington Lane Broadacres 2 Longfellow Lane Photography by Tad Krampitz with TK Images 56 LO C AL | july 17 River Oaks Coiuntry Club, Original Club House (Built 1923, demolished in the 19660s) Photogra- phy provided by River Oaks Country Club 1405 North Boulevard (1924), Connecticut Valley colonial 1324 North Boulevard (1926), English Manor 1505 North Boulevard (1927), Tennant House, neo-Georgian 1317 North Boulevard (1930), Dargan House, French manor 1400 South Boulevard (1929), Kuldell House, English manor july 17 | L O C A L 57