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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE CLUB•ICE HOUSE•LOUNGE GOOD AS (ROSE) GOLD By Mike Cook Photography by Jenn Duncan Lately Houston’s had some gold standard clubs opening up. Good or bad...we’re not here to argue that. Sometimes, though, you just ain’t gettin’ in da club. There are various reasons this happens: someone in your group may have on the wrong shoes, or maybe that dude that always wears shorts showed up, or yada yada yada. Anyway, everything is meant to be what it is. Lucky for you, especially if you’re downtown, there are some good folks who are ready to show you a sleek, upscale eve- ning, no matter what the Clé crowds or doormen might have in store. Because here’s the thing, you don’t always need to hit the gold standard to have a good time. In fact we’d say just have your Uber drive right past Clé and drop you at the next corner so you can start (or finish) your night right, Rose Gold style. Business savvy and kinda visionary on their part to find a spot on Main Street right off the light rail just outside the heart of Down- town, just sitting there for the taking (thanks for trying Tarakaan). Then, they invest some significant money into a remodel, audio/ video systems, lighting, high-end style (think leather, rose gold,of course, and wood) and some well re-used aspen trees. They also put in a few garage-style doors to let the outside in when it’s prime time in Houston. Let that light rail light shine! The bar is long, and when it’s lounge time, there are some well-appointed bar stools; when it’s club time (think Thursday through Saturday nights), these move away, the sound goes up and the lights go down. The rest of the seating and table service are on some fine leather couches. Movies or a fashion show play on the pro- jectors around the room to keep the ambiance no matter which style Rose Gold is wearing. Behind that nice long bar you’re gonna see plenty of liquor, and 12 taps. Those taps are here to make sure your night goes as smooth as possible, because they pour cocktails, good, solid cocktails too, right out of the tap. Let’s be real, you’re here for a good time, and draft cocktails, made well like those at Rose Gold, don’t lower the standard. Looking for an adventure other than the evening’s pursuit? Get the False Idol, served in a rose gold pineapple for two. It may (or may not) be the only thing set on fire for the rest of your night. It’s hard not to like rose gold – it’s been trending harder than standard gold for years now. Judging by the weekend crowds, those who party well are trending Rose Gold, too. ROSE GOLD COCKTAIL DEN 2301 Main St., Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77002 832.409.5311 | www.rosegoldhtx.com 6.17.2017 7:50pm 30 LO C AL | july 17 www.instagram.com/ROSEGOLDHTX www.facebook.com/pg/ROSEGOLDHTX july 17 | L O C A L 31