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PERFECT PAIR Pairing Up with Dolce Neve and Morningstar Surely we’ve all convinced a friend to do something crazy over the years, but how many of us have gotten one of them to expand their business, in a different city, even before they expand in their own? Well, thank MORNINGSTAR FOR DOLCE NEVE’S (“sweet snow”) Italian-style gelato now available right here in H-town, in the same strip of 4721 N. Main (along with Morningstar, Steelmill Gym and the forthcoming Hughie’s second location). What a friend move. You can now get some of the city’s best coffee/breakfast along with what might be the city’s top gelato, all from the same parking spot (if you can find one). Morningstar? If you care anything about coffee, you’ve had Greenway Coffee at one of the many places that pour it, but Morningstar’s creative menu (including exotic teas, donuts and some unique breakfast/brunch options) keeps people coming back for more than just awesome Greenway Coffee pou- rovers. At DOLCE NEVE , co-owner Marco runs the Houston outpost, while the other two owners, his sister and brother-in-law, stayed back in Austin running the home base. Featuring a dozen complete- ly made-from-scratch flavors (nothing is premixed), the shop’s gelato is not out in the open; it rests in metal containers built into the coun- tertop, covered and sheltered from the air and light. This is all by design. And so is this first – a Perfect Pair from two different places. I know, goat cheese in gelato? Olive oil and sea salt on a donut!? There’s really something quite remarkable about putting a scoop of gelato on top of a donut. Just look at the photo. It’s also quite fitting, as you can see, that the donut just so happens to have the perfect holder for that scoop, but that’s likely just coincidence. What’s not coincidence is pairing the olive oil and sea salt old-fashioned donut with the delectable, while still delicate, goat cheese and pecan gelato. The shops sat down (you know, since they’re friendly and all) and decided these two were the best candidates on the current menus for the pair, and after one bite it’s hard to argue with them. I know, goat cheese in gelato? Olive oil and sea salt on a donut!? We may have lost some of you right when we mentioned these flavors, but rest assured, we’ve found you a heck of a Perfect Pair here. (And for future reference, if the goat cheese/pecan flavor is out of season, try something – anything – you normally love on top of this or any Morningstar donut. You won’t regret it.) But back to that pairing. What a treat. It’s gelato on a donut!! And, it’s almost the exact right amount of both items. Let’s not forget about the af- fogato to wash it all down. For you rookies, that’s fresh espresso with a scoop of gelato dropped in. The version here uses Green- way Coffee Scrimshaw espresso and the almond custard, which like the donut/gelato, is just right. 6.7.2017 9:16pm By Mike Cook Photography by Kennon Evett OLD-FASHIONED DONUT WITH AN ALMOND CUSTARD AFFOGATO! DOLCE NEVE GOAT CHEESE AND PECAN GELATO 24 LO C AL | july 17 + DOLCE NEVE 4721 North Main | Houston, TX 77009 832.767.2183 www.dolcenevegelato.com MORNINGSTAR 4721 North Main | Houston, TX 77009 832.806.1115 www.facebook.com/MorningstarHOU july 17 | L O C A L 25