LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 73

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE SPORTS “DISASTERS ARE OUR BUSINESS. VETERANS ARE OUR PASSION.” Meet Team Rubicon By Jayme Lamm | Photography by Kirk Jackson and Dana Braverman Houston is no stranger to some great philanthropic groups, but one of the latest ones we learned about (thanks to Houston Astros outfielder COLBY Team Rubicon. Add that to your list of reasons to cheer on Rasmus to homer. RASMUS) is Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon is the only nonprofit disaster response organization that repurposes the skills of military veterans, uniting their skills and experiences with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. The organization is currently coordinating alongside local agencies to respond to the ongoing Houston floods as well as the earthquake in Ecuador, among other issues throughout the world. Recently Team Rubicon served Houston, Harris County, Wharton County and other surrounding communities during Operation Moonshot, which was launched in response to the severe flooding the area experienced this spring. From April 23 – May 15, 150 Team Rubicon volunteers from across the country deployed to Texas to serve those affected by the severe weather. The team in Houston logged more than 10,000 volunteer hours (valued at $285,000), and assisted with damage assessments, debris removal, muck out and chainsaw operations, plus volunteer management. All at no charge. But Houston isn’t the only place Team Rubicon is making a huge impact. Since their founding in 2010, Team Rubicon has deployed over 120 disaster response operations around the world. The organization currently maintains a growing roster of 35,000 volunteer members who are ready to deploy, at any given moment, wherever they are needed. (Follow the ticker on their homepage to see their current operations, which are updated regularly.) But back to Colby Rasmus. Earlier this year, the outfielder kno ۈ܈\›]Y[\X\H[X][ۜ][Y]\܈\\ˈ܈]\BYH[H]\X\ۋ\]\\ۘ][ۙH\[\‚'\HY[[Y[]HXܚYXY]X[HHو\[K[H[HۛܙY[XZHHY\[H[Z\]\[H[][[[\H\ܝ[H[][]Hو\ۋ8'H\]\X[BXXۈX[\[ ]Hܝ]YH܈X[HXXۈ\^[ۙ\]\ˈY[\RBX[H\Y\ܞHH^Z[[]\ۜ[[[HX\[\[[۝[[X[HXXۋHܞH]\œ\Y]T\[۝ Y][ۘ[KH[]\]Hو^\ۙܛ[X[HܚYYBHYH]X[HXXۈ\[H[X\^HXݙ\H\][ۈ[ M[Y[X\وHZXH[\\]Y]X[HXXۂ\[H\ۜHH[ܙKZXHܛY[ LX[BXXۈ^Z[Y [[Y[\SPSHPӕSH[YX[HXXۈ\H^H۝[YH]HX[\H[Z\[YB[[YܛHY[Y X[HXXۈ[\]\[Z[Yܘ][ۈ[Y\H\]Y[Z[]\H[][X[YKX]\X\›[X\H\˂\]\]H\Y\Yو HYH[\YX\[\ܛYB۝[Y\XZH[[\XۈHY[[]X[HXXۋX\[ܙK\]X[\XX۝\Kܙ˂[H MH‚