LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 70

TOOLS+GADGETS Michael Garfield, The High-Tech Texan® | www.hightechtexan.com 3 1 2 1. HTC 10 Smartphone 2. Blast Motion Golf Analyzer Yes, I am a Samsung Galaxy guy but HTC’s new smartphone has impressed me so much I have been using it for a few weeks without missing my Galaxy. The HTC 10 is the best phone this company has made in years and is packed with features. I am always trying to improve my golf game and constantly using more tech tools to help my swing and game. Blast Golf Replay has helped my short game with its unique use of a motion sensor and video replay. The 5.2-inch Super LCD 5 display is spectacular. The sound is much better than other phones on the market thanks to the BoomSound Hi-Fi system and a built-in woofer and tweeter. I found the fingerprint sensor (for security) to work quickly and it doesn’t come with much bloatware. Place the small, lightweight sensor on the tip of any club and it analyzes and records putts and full swings. Once paired with the app, the Smart Video Capture can capture and show slow motion with overlaid metrics. Stats include swing speed plus loft and lie with easy-to-read graphs. The videos can easily be shared to show friends your progress. $150 www.blastmotion.com The front and rear cameras produce sharp images, and those who store a lot of info on phones will appreciate an extended memory slot that fits up to 2 TB. $700 www.htc.com 70 L O C A L | july 16 3. Oregon Scientific PRYSMAchrome Weather Station The weather changes by the hour here in Texas so why not be able to check the temperature and forecast by glancing at a smart looking clock. The PRYSMAchrome Weather Station lets you do just that with accuracy and changing colors. The slim and stylish device fits perfectly in a home or office. The changing color display keeps track of the temperature and humidity both inside and outside. Outdoor stats are monitored via a wireless sensor that can be placed outside up to 164 feet away from the indoor display unit. $80 www.oregonscientificstore.com