LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 6

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Oh, dear sweet July. I really love this month. I’m not sure if it’s because we are officially in the middle of a year or the middle of the summer. That’s a solid six months into another year of life! Of getting to live, breathe, walk, talk and just be here on this little ol’ planet. How we are able to complicate that miracle in itself by hating someone else so much because they are different is unfathomable. My soul aches for what happened in Orlando. Not only for those lives and countless people affected but for our nation as a whole and what it has always represented. There has to be more gun control. It shouldn’t be easier to buy a gun than it is to buy cigarettes. Photography by Jared Smith It also happens to be ’merica’s independence and it doesn’t get more American than fireworks, parades, baseball games, carnivals, burgers, hotdogs, beer and family. That last one is what it’s all about. Family. It doesn’t matter how big or small yours is. Could just be a party of two or one of twenty – that little unit needs a home. And it doesn’t get more personal than a home. The place we create and fill with the things we love and those we love. Hopefully this issue will inspire you in your home and design planning. From an unexpected trio of two Turks and an ex-footballer starting a mid-century furniture company in East Downtown to Houston’s own localebrity interior designer Nina Magon sharing her things she loves – we’ve got something for everyone. And we had so much fun collaborating with the power couple behind one of the most successful local blogs, Sugar & Cloth. Thank you, Ashley and Jared, for sharing not only your wild creativity and talent, but for being authentic and fun! Social media has a way of projecting perfection and this pair strives for it but also relishes in the lessons. Check out their blog. And as we close this issue, we send our love to the entire Tootsie’s family who lost their patriarch Mickey Rosmarin on June 17. He was a local legend. Enjoy the dog days of summer! BEHIND THE COVER MARZIFAT HAD THIS AWESOME IDEA TO SHOOT AN INDEPENDENCE DAYINSPIRED COVER WITH MANREADY MERCANTILE’S HUGE FLAG IN THE BACKGROUND. NATURALLY, SHE GOT TO PULLING ALL THE STARS AND STRIPES SHE COULD GET HER HANDS ON AND WENT WITH A “DIRTY JCREW” FEEL. SARA’S HAIR AND MAKEUP WENT JUST RIGHT WITH THE LOOK. WE HAD A BLAST GETTING TO KNOW THE RAD STAFF AT MANREADY AND LOVED WATCHING OUR PHOTOGRAPHER JENN CONTORT HERSELF TO GET THE IMAGE JUST RIGHT. THE COVER IS AN HOMAGE TO ALL-AMERICAN CROONER BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S BORN IN THE USA. HAPPY 4TH, Y’ALL! 6 L O C A L | july 16 Carla Valencia de Martinéz Editor-in-Chief