LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 59

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE You might call this an unlikely trio, but fate might say otherwise. Former Houston Texan and Chicago Bear linebacker (and design aficionado at heart), DARRYL SHARPTON always knew he needed a “plan B.” So when his wife gently nudged him towards his modern furniture interest, he headed to a furniture fair in High Point, NC, not really knowing what to expect. As fate would have it, after wandering the fair, he landed in a seat at an exhibitor’s booth, really just to rest. But as he started talking to IVO and TURKER (the proprietors of said booth), they realized they had a lot in common. Houston, for one. They all lived in Houston and they all wanted to start a furniture business. In March 2016, they opened TB3 Home in East Downtown and took to turning the standard online furniture platform on its head. What sets them apart besides the fact that they’re local? There’s no middleman. They manufacture their own furniture and sell it directly to the consumer, which allows them to keep retail prices really, really low. The furniture is wellmade, mid-century modern in its aesthetic and monochromatic. Sharpton shares, “Some models we design ourselves, inspired by popular mid-century models but we put our own spin on it.” TB3home also listens to customer feedback. Color ways are based on customer preferences and market trends, popular colors have been blues and various shades of greys, but Sharpton notes, “We have found it virtually impossible to sell brown colored fabric. People seem to stay away from it like it has cooties.” The trio feed off each other’s energy and has been consistently selling out of production lines, since their opening in March of 2016. Their energy is contagious and I found it so refreshing to be with people who truly love what they are doing. Among the many things Sharpton has learned in the short months since launching is “the value of business partners, and using everyone’s strengths collectively. It’s not as much about mitigating your financial risk as it is about having awesome synergy and having a diverse team where ]\[ۙH\Y\[[[H Y[ۙH\˜HH[ۙ^HX[Y\XZ\\H]\][\X[Y܋Y[ۙHYYHHܙX]]H\]Z\Y[ۙHYYۛ”]ZX؛[Y[ۙHYYۛXX[X[YYXK'BZ\\Z\H[XQ\[HXX\[Y[X\]\B\Z\H[]8&\ ]H]X[]KX[[\Yۜ\Hܝ] ˝YKB[H MHNB